31 Days of Disney: Magic Kingdom Castle Show

When you journey to the Magic Kingdom, you’re going to want to check your times guide for the current Magic Kingdom Castle Show. Now, that’s not it’s real name, but the real name changes as the shows come to the Magic Kingdom and then leave. It’s the show that they do on the “Castle Forecourt Stage” or as we say at the House of Hills, “in front of the castle.”

If you’re going on a day that there is an evening parade, you’re going to want to get in position in the hub while the Castle Show is in progress. And, of course if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re going to want to watch it because every Disney show is awesome.

We at the House of Hills have seen every Castle Show multiple times, and we’ve long since quit videoing them because you can google “Magic Kingdom Castle Show” and find WAY better recordings of it than we can ever get. And, um, we watch those at home when we’re longing for some Disney magic. Shhh, don’t tell anyone… we’re kinda addicted to Disney magic around here.

Years ago, I started videoing what is really the most exciting thing to watch during the Magic Kingdom Castle Show, my kid (and hubby). Here’s the thing, I’m the only one with the ability to video that aspect of Disney. Anybody can get the show, only I can get the reaction to the show. And, after looking through tons of pictures and video for these 31 Days posts, I’m SO GLAD that’s what I recorded. I cried. I hope you’ll smile.

We arrived to claim our spot about half-way through the Castle Show in December of 2008. Mags (age 6) and Daddy are watching, but not entranced, because they’d seen it many times before. I mean they know ALL the words.

Then it gets a little cuter.

And then we see the actress that we have today.

I can’t believe we waited three more years to get her into drama.

Do you have any Disney videos that just make you smile inside and out?


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