It’s December First! Time for some Truth in the Tinsel

People. It’s December 1st! Can someone please explain to me how that happened.

Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is around the corner. It’s time to go, go, go! (Seriously, our schedule this week is insane.)

However, as the birthday of our Savior approaches, let’s not forget that it IS our Savior we’re celebrating. And, theres no better way to do that than with…

Truth In the Tinsel


Have you checked out this amazing resource? I first told you about it two years ago, and I’ve had countless friends do it with their kids and love the experience.

Amanda has even added  Truth in the Tinsel supplemental products like printable ornaments and a curriculum for churches. People, it’s just amazing.

And, because my friend Amanda loves my readers, (She’s the one who pushed me into blogging you know.) she gave me a coupon code!

Use the code HOUSOFHILLS for 20% off the ebook (not ornaments or curriculum).

Go ahead. Go grab it for your family. It’s not too late to get started and ensure that your kids remember the real reason for Christmas.

Truth in the Tinsel


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