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WOW! It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. Life has been just a bit hectic I guess. I have quite the list of posts I’ve read to share with you. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve read over the last {ahem} two months.


I started my own Summer Is Here series this year, and have found MANY other ones across the blogosphere. Here are a couple to check out.

Summer Activities for Children: Go Mom – The beginning of her own series, Go Mom talks about how to get prepared for all that summer brings!

Summer of Purpose, Free Chart: Inspired to Action – A great post about how to have goals with kids even in the summer. And, there is a free chart!

List of Games to Play When Hiking with Children: Listplanit – An amazing list of things to do with kids while you’re hiking. My girl always needs a to-do list. Does yours?


Three Types of Friends Every Parent Needs: Simple Kids – We as parents often worry so much about our kids’ friends, but do we worry about our friends? Do we make sure we’re taking time to cultivate those relationships? Because, we need friends… we really do.

Teach Your Daughters Wailing: Homegrown Mom – A powerful post about teaching your daughters what’s really worth crying about.


How to Volunteer with Small Children: Metropolitan Mama – We sometimes feel that our littles can’t help, but they can. A great series for every mama.

Is Your House Too Clean?: Simple Organized Living – I LOVE this post and am a firm believer that being a good hostess means NOT having the perfect home.

What did you read this week that was awesome?

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We are still without Internet access at the House of Hills. That means my blog reading and writing has been sporadic at best. My list of posts to share with you is growing long, so I’m sharing a few while I sit in a Starbucks (thankful for free wifi) waiting for the Princess to be done with a birthday party.


A-Z Uses For Your Dishwasher: Simple Organized LivingLOVE this. There are so many things that you can use your dishwasher to clean besides just dishes. Here at the House of Hills we also put baseball caps and Crocs in the top rack. Yep, we do.


When Intimacy is a Bad Idea – Marriage Unwrapped: Diaper DiariesYES! YES! YES! I say. I think this is SO important. A MUST READ for anyone in a relationship.


The Best Ways *Not* to Help a New Mom: The Gypsy Mama – Such a great post for friends of new moms and really any mom. The best way to help them… Show that you don’t really have it all together either. And, that’s okay!

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Cute Inexpensive Party Favor Bags: Real Life Sarah – This is such a cute and easy idea that I’ve had sitting in my list to share for months. Ironically, I met Sarah at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration a few weeks ago. She’s great and so are her ideas!

Let’s Talk: What’s For Lunch?: Simple Kids – Another old link, but that makes it even better because it has TONS of comments – all great lunch ideas for the kids. A MUST READ if you’re stuck in a lunch rut.


How Your Daughter Dresses Matters: Life on the Wild SideYOU HAVE TO READ THIS if you have a daughter. Seriously! I so agree with what Shelly had to say. Thankfully, my Princess doesn’t yet want to dress in the current “style.” However, the older she gets, the harder it is to actually find clothes that cover all of her. Great and thought-provoking read.


Today I’m sharing two websites that I go to regularly and am ALWAYS HUMBLED by them. – I shared a table with Stephanie during day two of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and met a loving, caring soul who truly lives each day to serve others. The peace surrounding her draws you to her immediately. She and her family are on an extraordinary journey around the country serving others daily.

TheMercyHouseKenya – I’ve mentioned this before. Watching the Mercy House prepare to open and knowing that we’re supporting the AMAZING project with just our three dollars a month. So humbling. Be sure to read what God is doing with and through them.

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