Fabulous Friends

June 25, 2008

Maggie’s friend, Kate, came over to play after Upward Cheerleading camp.  The girls had lunch, did a little dancing, and then decided to go to the pool.  
When we got Kate’s suit out of her bag, I had to giggle.  Maggie has the same one.  
When I complimented Kate on her cute hair cut, she told me she got it to be like Maggie’s.
When I put my swimming suit on, Kate looked at me in amazement.  Her mom has the same suit, different color.
When we found out who the girls are going to have for first grade, they’re both going to be in the same class.

Guess who Maggie sits with at Kidstuf at church – Kate.  
Obviously, these girls are destined to be FABULOUS FRIENDS!  Or, our families are just so similar it’s freaky.  🙂

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