Kroger Shopping 02.23.10

So, I don’t usually shop at Kroger. In fact, I practically NEVER shop at Kroger. Why? Well, because the Kroger nearest our house has seen better days. I’m a Publix girl. Everyone at Publix knows me. They know the Princess. They ask about my family. So, I go to Publix and miss many a Kroger deal.

However, I read Happy Homemaker Cindy’s “Top Stock Up Deals” today and knew I needed to head on over to Kroger. People – they are giving you two free gallons of milk if you by four boxes of Kellogs cereal. And, you can get two deals worth. I GOT 4 GALLONS OF MILK FOR FREE!!

One bummer when I got to Kroger was that chicken was only $1.99 a pound. Wherever Cindy lives, it’s $1.68 a pound. That is a HUGE deal. But for us Metro-Atlantans, $1.99 a pound is a pretty good deal.

Here’s a picture of what I got:

Please note that I had a coupon for everything except the strawberries (The Princess LOVES strawberries) and the chicken (which was mega cheap). Not only did I have a coupon for everything, but everything was also on sale. And, did I mention that THE MILK WAS FREE! Can you tell I’m excited about that.

I spent $56.39

I saved $42.66.

Isn’t that AWESOME! I know those of you that are mega coupon shoppers can do better than that, but I’m proud of my Kroger shopping trip this week.

Who knows, I may go back next week – if there are more good deals.

Where is your favorite place to get the deals?

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  1. Publix is still my store of choice…they seem to have alot of BOGOs and on brand names that they rotate on a regular basis. OUr Kroger has seen better days too…

  2. I hear that Publix is doing kellogg’s cereal B1G1 free on March 5 and 6. With extra coupons you can probably do a pretty nice stock up that weekend.

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