What I read this week and you should too!

During my blog reading this week, I came across several posts that I wanted to “Retweet” so that all my friends could read them too. Then, I realized that not all my readers are on Twitter or my friend on Facebook, and that they would miss them.

So, I decided to do a post to share them all with you. These are things I read this week that touched me in some way. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me think.


MY PERFECTION from “I Should be Folding Laundry” – Grab a tissue! You will tear up.

YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME PRODUCTIVE from “OhAmanda” – Amanda always makes me smile and nod as I read her posts. This one is no exception.

MENU PLANNING MAKES A DIFFERENCE from “Money Saving Mom” – We all know I’m a huge menu planner. I’ve even got it as a category. You can see what we’ve eaten for the last few months on this here blog.

INTENTIONAL PARENTING PART 4 from “Life on the Wild Side” – The House of Hills is very much a fan of intentional parenting. This is a great post on teaching finances to little people.

WHY MOMS NEED MISSION STATEMENTS from “Inspired to Action” – Do you have a mission statement? I have one for work, but I don’t for home. We need a House of Hills mission statement! There I said it out loud. Now, to make it happen.

IN WHICH SMOCKITY CONSIDERS JABBING A BALL POINT PEN INTO HER EYE from “Smockity Frokcs” – Absolutely hysterical post about a day a the library and the true definition of “patience.”

Have a GREAT weekend friends!

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