Live Love Serve: 05.22.10


Free Summer Ideas for Kids at – This is a great list of free ideas to do during the summer. Make sure you read the comments too as there are even more ideas there. We just finished calendaring all the Princess’s camps and such. Now it’s time to fill in with some of these great ideas!


Top Ten Reasons I Love My Husband at Harms Family News – This post reminded me of my Top Ten post on why I love my husband. Have you told your husband that you love him today?


Top Ten Ways to Love Someone in a Crisis at Foggy Days and Sunset Livings – This post brought tears to my eyes. As the BFF of someone fighting the cancer fight, this list rang so true. If you have someone in your life that is struggling with a long term illness or who has lost someone in the last year or so, they are still in need and will be for a long time. It’s always okay to reach out a helping hand. I put this in the SERVE category, because to LOVE someone during a crisis is to SERVE them.

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What I Read This Week: 05 08 10 Great Recipe Sites

On Tuesday, I gave a few Freezer Cooking tips. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite websites for finding yummy things to eat.

Cooking During Stolen Moments Kate has a great way of cooking dinner for her family. She prepares her main meal at some point during the day and stashes it in the fridge until it’s time to cook. Some of them are great freezer meals too.

Once A Month Mom This links to Tricia’s Summer Menu. It’s an AWESOME ONE!! I’m so excited to try some of these this summer.

Good & Cheap Eats This site has recipes that live up to the name. They’re good and they’re cheap. Not all are freezable, but many are.

Money Saving Mom Crystal does a freezer cooking day about once a month, and there are some great recipes on her site.

$5 Dinners Erin has an awesome cookbook and an amazing website. Lots of great recipes.

Those are some of my favorites! Check them out and then come back and tell me what you’re going to try. Maybe I’ll try it too.

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What I read this week: 04.16.10

A list of Organizational Links for you:

First Quarter 2010 Wrap Up at Organizing Your Way – Mandi lists her most popular posts of the year so far. If you don’t read her on a regular basis, you are missing out!

Spring Cleaning Series at I Dream of Clean – Um, I’m not much of a cleaner (AT ALL!), but I do recognize the need to do a deep clean at least once a year. I Dream of Clean is doing an entire series on Spring Cleaning. This link goes to the beginning.

Ten Steps for a More Organized House at Permission to Peruse – Amy shares organizational secrets that she’s learned from her husband, Scott. There are some good ones.

Using Containers to Organize Your Kitchen Simply & Aesthetically at Simple Bites – Fabulous ideas for how to organize all that STUFF that is in your kitchen. I purged MUCH of my kitchen stuff last fall in the Great Purge of 09, but still need to get what’s left under control.

Organizing with Binders at Happy Housewife – I use binders for many things. But, I never thought of using them this way!

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What I Read This Week: 04.03.10

Only a few links this week. I didn’t get to read as much as I would have liked. Crazy busy with work this week.

Enjoy these though – they’re great!

How I Celebrated My Birthday (Random Acts of Kindness) at Mix Mingle Glow – Grab a tissue for this one. Someone tweeted this link this week, and I clicked over. This amazing woman chose to do 38 random acts of kindness on her 38th birthday. A true inspiration!

How to have a freezer cooking day without a deep freeze at Money Saving Mom – Fish Mama guest posts and shows how to fit 20 meals into a side by side freezer proving that ANYONE can freezer cook!

Christmas Jars – An Idea for All Year Long at We Are That Family – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. Planning on starting it this week at the House of Hills.

Realizing that these all fall under the “SERVE” category, even the freezer cooking as I do most of my freezer cooking to serve others. That’s kinda cool how that worked out on this the weekend where we celebrate Jesus, the ultimate servant.

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What I read this week: 5

I read a good bit this week. I just love reading others’ blogs. I feel like I’ve made some great friends out there in bloggy word. Although, they might not even know who I am. Hmmm….

I wanted to share some of my favorites from the week with you. They are in no particular order. Just good reads.


The Choice to be Unpopular at The Diaper Diaries – I WANT to be an unpopular mom. It is a serious goal in my life!

Free Downloads at Faithful Provisions – Do you love love love downloadable forms. Me too!!! Here are some awesome ones to help you organize for grocery shopping. AND, there is a FREE APP! Great resources. So thankful she’s sharing.

Teacher Gifts at Simply Staci – Looking for the low down on what teachers REALLY want. Like REALLY! As a former teacher, I can say that Staci is right on. A must read for those getting ready for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Planning a Party at Simple Bites – A GREAT list of 10 things to consider as you’re planning your next party. Bookmark this one.

Confessions of a Crabby, Worn Out Mom at The Confident Mom – We’ve ALL been there – right? Exhausted, depleted, overwhelmed. In a FUNK! Well, I know I have. Read Susan’s confession and then see what she’s going to do about it.

Losing It:Week 5 at Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie is one of the bloggers that is coordinating the LosingIt! challenge in which I’m participating. She is an amazing lady that has been struggling with eating. Her breakthrough this week was AWESOME! So inspiring to read and a great reminder that HE wants us to be healthy too.

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What I read this week: 4

I find some posts each week that I really want to share with everyone. Here are some from this week…

Productive Procrastination at Life As Mom – Are you a procrastinator? I am!!!! But, I usually do it this way.

A Little Boy’s Prayer at The Finer Things in Life – Another tear-jerker. Didn’t she make me cry last week? Beautiful way to give a wonderful announcement.

Understanding Your Personality: Balancing Tasks and People at Simple Mom – We all need to balance don’t we. We can’t get so focused on our to-do list that we forget to build a fort and read books with our kids. We can’t spend so much time playing with play-do that the dishes don’t get done. It’s a balance. Great tips!!

How to Get Back on Track at Inspired To Action – Has sickness overrun your house this winter? Do you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do now that you’re finally well? Great strategy for getting back in the game.

Ways Not To Blow Your Tax Refund at Frugal Dad – A great list of ideas of what to do when that extra cash comes in. Don’t just spend it on a want! Think about a need!

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What I Read This Week: 3

I haven’t gotten into stumbling yet. And, I hardly got to retweet this week either. The majority of my computer time this week was spent WORKING! And, it will be until May. That’s just the way it goes. But, here’s some of the posts I read this week that I thought you should too! Enjoy!!!

Somebody Wants What You Have at The Finer Things in Life – A GREAT read! Get a tissue.

March Menu at Once A Month Mom – I’m already planning for my next big cooking day. I had a blast last Saturday cooking up a storm and am loving having a full freezer!

Creamy Baked Mostacolli at Cooking During Stolen Moments – I LOVE this blog. She always has great recipes. This is one I want to try even though I’m not sure how to say that last word. I’m thinking the next time I have to cook for Small Group.

Day 4:My Rescue at We Are That Family – Need another tissue for this one. Kristen was in Kenya last week and got to meet the children she sponsors with Compassion. If you don’t know about Compassion, take some time to check them out. They are an amazing organization and do so much for children in poverty around the world.

Those are just a few of the things I read this week. You can see others favorite posts from the week over at Saturday Stumbles.

What I Read This Week: 2

Here’s some of the posts I read this week, that I thought you should too! Enjoy!!!

Gander’s Generosity from Simply Staci – I read this while watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. This post was the perfect ending of the games for me. The generosity of the Canadian people shines bright!

Toddlers’ Dictionary from The Heavenly Life – A MUST read for moms of toddlers. HYSTERICAL!!

The Lie Many Parents Believe from Simple Mom – GREAT parenting post. Reminded me some of what wer’re reading in our small group right now.

The Compassion Bloggers in Kenya – Two of these women I followed before they went to Kenya. Now they are there together. They’ve been sharing amazing stories through their blogs and Twitter this week. Grab a tissue if you go read these. They are worth it though. Beautiful in so many ways. I sponsor a Compassion child in Peru, and this makes me pray for her even more.

What I read this week and you should too!

During my blog reading this week, I came across several posts that I wanted to “Retweet” so that all my friends could read them too. Then, I realized that not all my readers are on Twitter or my friend on Facebook, and that they would miss them.

So, I decided to do a post to share them all with you. These are things I read this week that touched me in some way. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me think.


MY PERFECTION from “I Should be Folding Laundry” – Grab a tissue! You will tear up.

YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME PRODUCTIVE from “OhAmanda” – Amanda always makes me smile and nod as I read her posts. This one is no exception.

MENU PLANNING MAKES A DIFFERENCE from “Money Saving Mom” – We all know I’m a huge menu planner. I’ve even got it as a category. You can see what we’ve eaten for the last few months on this here blog.

INTENTIONAL PARENTING PART 4 from “Life on the Wild Side” – The House of Hills is very much a fan of intentional parenting. This is a great post on teaching finances to little people.

WHY MOMS NEED MISSION STATEMENTS from “Inspired to Action” – Do you have a mission statement? I have one for work, but I don’t for home. We need a House of Hills mission statement! There I said it out loud. Now, to make it happen.

IN WHICH SMOCKITY CONSIDERS JABBING A BALL POINT PEN INTO HER EYE from “Smockity Frokcs” – Absolutely hysterical post about a day a the library and the true definition of “patience.”

Have a GREAT weekend friends!