Things I Love Thursday:New Preschool Worship – Giveaway

All kids LOVE music. I mean they get to wiggle and dance and jump and groove. All to the fun sounds of music. At least that’s the kind of music the Princess has always LOVED. One of her favorite things to do is to put her headphones on, clip her iPod shuffle to her shirt and shimmy all over the house. It’s hysterical to watch (not that I ever actually laughed out loud at her – that would be a bad mommy).

You know what’s even better than music? Music that teaches something important. Music that imprints the Word of God on tiny little hearts. I can honestly say there is nothing more beautiful than hearing my child sing “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me. Ya ya, Ya ya!” in an off key voice at the top of her lungs. Or “I’ve got to R E A D my B I B L E! That’s how God teaches me,” while she lathers up in the shower. It’s pure joy.

There is a new Preschool Worship CD out by the reThink Group called “ONE BIG GULP” It has thirteen amazing, totally preschool friendly songs on it that have the Princess hopping and dancing all over the house. Now, I know she’s not a preschooler anymore, but she still loves them. I mean LOVES them. All of the songs are short, with repetitive verses so your preschooler can be singing along in a heartbeat. All of the songs make a little body want to dance and sing out loud. It’s just a lot of fun!

The reThink Group gave me not ONE but TWO “ONE BIG GULP” CDs to give away to my readers. How is that for some love. I can’t wait to share this music with you!

In order to win a CD:

1. Comment below telling me your preschooler/child’s favorite worship song (or just song in general).

2. Follow me on Twitter be sure to put a separate comment that you follow

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Contest ends 03.21.10 at Midnight Easter Time.

Disclosure: I was given one copy of this CD to review and two copies to give away. The opinions of the CD are my own (and the Princess’s). I am an employee of the reThink group. However, I’m sharing this with you because I know you’ll love it!

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13 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday:New Preschool Worship – Giveaway

  1. Yes, the Princess is a dancer, but no more so than the other 6 grandchildren. Her shimmy is just more sophisticated now. The boys all love the “marching song”, which is a Fisher Price song called “Dance Baby Dance.” Ella often joins in the parade too, but she much prefers the Disney princess songs.

  2. Oh how fun!!! I need this CD desperately b/c Evan is still stuck on the Christmas CD from his class play – not kidding!! His favorite song (yes even in March) is Rum Bum Bum (or whatever they’re saying) that’s how he says it anyway!!

  3. Likes all kinds of music, but favorite would be any song that you can put motions too, like I’m the the Lords Army.

  4. My kids love the Songs for Saplings group–they are folksy and very fun. I think one of their favorites is “Will God Ever Die?” Because the next line in the song is a bunch of kids shouting “No!” They love to do that, even my 1yo gets in on it. : )

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