LosingIt! 10.29.10

Hello ladies! How is everyone doing? I’m sure you’re doing great. I just know you are! Have you been able to avoid the fall sweets so far? I’m doing okay, but I keep baking. It gets into October, and I MUST cook/bake. It’s not cool here yet, but that hasn’t stopped me!

I’m a bit frustrated this week. I’ve been working out and walking and eating within my calorie allotment and I HAVE NOT LOST ONE POUND! Now, I lost four last week. So, I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. And, my butt is tightening back up. And, my legs and arms are a bit stronger. BUT THE SCALE HASN’T CHANGED! And, that, my friends, just ticks me off.

Alas, I will keep on going. I’ve discovered that I like the treadmills at the Y. I wasn’t very fond of the one we used to have at home, but the ones at the gym, I like. So, I’m trying to get over there most days. It’s kinda handy as it’s next to my office. The only struggle is remembering to take clothes. I know, rough life right?

Oh, I wanted to share a picture with you.

That’s me, being attacked on the lawn by three of my littlest nephews. We were chasing each other all over the yard, and they “caught” me. That’s right! We were chasing each other!! Friends, last fall, I wasn’t able to play chase. I was too big. I was too tired. I was missing life. Now that I’ve lost 28 pounds, I can play again. I can run and chase and fall and laugh. It’s wonderful.

It’s an image of times like that that keeps me going back to the Y. It keeps me counting my calories. It keeps me working hard so that I can play chase with them until they are too big to care if Aunt Kathy is in the yard or not.

How are you doing this week?

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0 thoughts on “LosingIt! 10.29.10

  1. You are doing a great job! Inches count as much as pounds and I doubt that your nieces and nephews will ever get tired of their Aunt Kathy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Muscle weighs more than fat! Not surprising you didn’t lose this week since you just began working out. Watch out next week!

  3. I’d say you win the award for Most Fun Auntie just based off of the photo alone! Oh holidays and fall season are a tough one to get through with this whole weight loss journey! I too stalled this week and while I know I’ll be losing again by next week, its just frustrating and mentally defeating when you don’t see that scale budge. Keep at it! Game face on! Big picture of what’s to come in front! : )

  4. I need to lose 30 myself…I need motivation right now. I saw a pic of myself about 30 less and my face is so much thinner….what’s your help to continue???

    • Danielle – so great to see you on here! What helps me continue? A couple of things.
      1. I know I have to give an account each week here. THAT makes a HUGE difference.
      2. I’m not doing it to look better. That is a bonus, but it’s just a bonus. I’m doing this so that I can watch my daughter walk down the aisle and hopefully hold my grandchildren someday. I was asking my body to do way too much. It wasn’t going to make it to see her do amazing things. I want to see her do amazing things. That’s my biggest motivation. I want to be around to see what God has planned for her, and enjoy it with her.

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