I keep a running list of posts I read throughout the week that I think my readers might enjoy. Often, when I look back at the list on Saturday morning, I kick myself because I missed a few. I’m pretty sure I missed a few this week, but there is a long list of ones to share since I’ve missed a couple weeks of doing this post. I hope you enjoy! And, be sure to go to Saturday Stumbles for more great reads.


Halloween Breakfast Food: Hoosier Homemade – Read this one first! There are some great ideas for breakfast for tomorrow, Halloween. Such fun!

Candy Bar Cookies: Cooking During Stolen Moments – I found this recipe a few weeks ago and book-marked it. I can’t wait to try it. In fact, I might make it today to take to a Halloween party tomorrow. Or, better yet! I’ll wait until after trick-or-treating and use all the candy bars the Princess brings home and doesn’t eat to make them. PERFECT!

Pumpkin Recipes: The Blog Frog – This is a running list of pumpkin recipes. Since there is no pumpkin shortage this year (Thank God!), I’ve been making quite the few pumpkin treats.

Stock and Organize Your Freezer For Last Minute Meals: Food Your Way – An AWESOME post for those just getting into freezer cooking. Freezer cooking doesn’t have to be a cook all day event. It’s all about being prepared to eat from your freezer at any time. A must read if you’re trying to start this lifestyle.


Gingham Lunch Note Cards: Executive Homemaker – The Princess loves when I put a love note in her lunch box. In fact, last year when she cleaned out her desk at the end of the year, I found ALL the notes I had sent her during the 2nd grade. It warmed my heart that she had kept them all. This free printable is a fun way to send a love note to your special someone.

The Sibling Relationship: Simple Kids – Having spent last weekend with my Bubba (younger brother), I can attest the power of the sibling relationship. We don’t get together nearly as much as we’d like to but the bond of love is strong and powerful. This is a great post on nurturing that bond and dealing with the sibling rivalry – it will pass.


Preparing for the 30 Day Give: Keeping the Kingdom First – I am SO EXCITED about the 30 Day Give. We have big plans here at the House of Hills of ways we can give throughout the month. Our biggest event is my BIRTHDAY PARTY where we’ll be giving gifts away. In this post, Alyssa gives a bit of the history of the 30 Day Give.

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