Losing It! 01 07 11 Contest Results!!

TODAY IS THE DAY! It’s the last day of our little Losing It over the Holidays contest. The question is…. did anybody lose it?

I didn’t. I went back to work this week and sat around ALL day trying to catch up on stuff and gained back the two pounds I’d lost. It didn’t help that there were still holiday treats in the kitchen every day. Of course, I put them there so I guess I can blame myself for that one! Ha! So, I’m out!

Well, I did actually maintain! I’m the EXACT SAME WEIGHT today as I was when we started this contest on November 12, 2010. Sooooo, perhaps I did win after all.

Now, to see who will win the contest. Will it be…

These ladies have been up and down too, but we’ve all been working hard to at least MAINTAIN during the holiday season.

The prizes are

  • Grand Prize: A beautiful Mercy House necklace and $25 Target card to the person who LOST the largest percentage of weight. So make sure your percentage of loss is in your post.
  • Second Prize: A $25 Target card to the winner of a drawing of all who lost or maintained.

Remember, the goal was to MAINTAIN throught the holidays. So, you’re eligible for the second prize even if the number on the scale is the same today as it was in November.

I CANNOT WAIT to see today’s links and cheer everyone on.

Since this journey is NEVER OVER, I will continue to do the Losing It! link up each Friday. Who knows… there may be another contest in the spring.

I’m attempting to get serious again about the exercise. It’s just so warm and toasty in the bed in the morning. It’s hard to get up. And, I’ve added Reading the Bible in 90 Days to my schedule, so things are kinda packed. However, I DO WANT TO LOSE more weight and create an even healthier lifestyle for my family. We must keep on keeping on!

Link up and let us know how you did!

UPDATE: We have winners!!!! Congratulations to Amelia for winning the grand prize and Alana for winning the second prize. They shall be in the mail to you soon!!!! SO PROUD of all my Losing It! ladies!!!

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15 thoughts on “Losing It! 01 07 11 Contest Results!!

    • Well, Alana, I still can’t comment on your blog, so here’s a copy of the comment I tried to make:

      WONDERFUL!!! I told you it could happen in one week. Wow, I know how hard moving is…good luck with that! I lost weight when I moved last time. After all, they say the way to lose weight is to “Eat less, MOVE more,” & that’s exactly what happens when I am trying to pack up my whole world! Again, nice job & I’m so happy for you.

  1. Kathy, I can’t thank you enough for hosting this contest. This is the best gift I’ve ever given myself (weight loss during the holidays!), & I don’t know if I would have done it if it hadn’t been for you (& Cindy & Alana)! Happy New Year ladies!

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  3. Hello Ladies! I still haven’t written my post (but will shortly and then link up) yet I didn’t want to keep anyone in suspense. I am a half pound UP. I didn’t lose or maintain so you can announce the winners and I can congratulate them. I’ll be back for more commenting fun later 🙂

    • Your blog wouldn’t let me comment. So, here’s my comment!

      Well, those cookies got you, but I’m glad that it was only .5 a pound. NOT too shabby girl.

      And, you’re getting your new treadmill, so that should bring your right back down. Just don’t forget the water!!!

      Thanks so much for participating in the contest. Who knows…there might be another one in the spring.

  4. Thanks for having this contest Kathy! I really do think it helped me stay a bit focused through the holidays.

    Congratulations to Amelia and Alana! (Makes me wish my first name started with an “A”.)

  5. Hey!!! Sorry I have been absent, moving then work trip made the last 2 weeks weirdly crazy! Congrats to Amelia for winning! I am so excited about winning the 2nd prize!!

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