Works For Me Wednesday: Sleeping in the Closet

The Princess has been having some serious trouble with the time change. She likes it to be PITCH DARK when she goes to bed. Ya, that is hard to achieve when you’re in bed by 7:30 during Daylight Savings Time.

We have used a sleep mask. We have made sure all blinds were closed and curtains drawn. We have done everything we could think of to help her out. She’s not fighting going to bed. She’s truly struggling with how light it is. The other night was overly difficult. She had a lot on her mind with our move and everything else going on and was just REALLY STRUGGLING to go to sleep. She suggested putting her head in her closet. We almost tried that. Then, I remembered that the walk in closet in the master bedroom gets AMAZINGLY DARK on one side.

So, we gathered ALL her sleeping paraphernalia (and there is a good deal of it), her sleeping bag and pillows and moved her into the closet.

It worked for her… and me.

We haven’t had to do it again, but she’s only got 3 more nights with access to that closet. I’m not sure she’ll fit in the closet at the new house.

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4 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: Sleeping in the Closet

  1. This particular idea may not work in your new house, but it is a great reminder to be flexible about what happens in which part of your home! We had one apartment where sleeping in the living room was the best!

    Good luck with your move!

    • I’ve been sleeping in the living room myself lately. My husband and I’s allergies are so bad right now we’re keeping each other up with our snoring!

  2. i always wear sleep mask because i always have some difficulty sleeping specially when i am thinking too much.””:”

    Cheers <

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