Top Ten Tuesday: Hardest Things To Move

So, hopefully we are closing on our new house today and moving in on Saturday. Yes, we’re moving again. Yes, that does mean we’re moving twice in seven months. Yes, we are INSANE. Not really, it made sense to us.

Luckily, this time we are literally moving ten minutes away. From door to door it is roughly ten minutes. Eight of those minutes is getting to the front of the neighborhood in which we currently live. Seriously, we’ve timed it. That short a move means that many things will just be taken from one house, thrown in the mini-van, and then put away at the new house. We even have what I’m calling a mini-van brigade happening with some of my friends.

Even with such an “easy” move, there are still things that are hard to move. I will share them with you.

1. An exercise ball. You could deflate it, but then you just have to blow it back up again. I’m cheating and getting rid of those. Of course, I still have to get them to the people who want them.

2. The stuff in the refrigerator. We’re moving ten minutes away. That means all our current fridge contents can go with us. But we’ve got to pack it in a cooler, drive and then unpack it. Pain in the rear! And, one of the fridges is going with us. That means it’s got to be emptied to move first thing in the morning.

3. Washers and Dryers. I am so glad I am not a man when it comes to the washer and the dryer. Nobody expects me to manhandle that thing into it’s proper place. Whew!

4. The open box of pasta in the pantry. Really, is it even worth the risk.

5. Chocolate. I’m in Georgia. Chocolate will melt in the car nine months out of the year. It’s got to be the last thing in the car and the first thing out.

6. TVs. We’ve got this giant screen thing now. How do you move that? Again, glad I’m not a man and therefore not in charge of those!

7. Bathroom Stuff. For one thing, um, some of it can be rather personal. So, you don’t want random acquaintance opening that box for you. Second, there are lotions and soaps and what not that need to remain upright. It must be packed well!

8. Knives and other sharp kitchen things. You put them in the box carefully. You label the box that there are sharp things there. You then stick you hand in the box and bring it out with blood running down your finger. Oh, is that just me? Never you? Oh.

9. The Lego Hogwarts. It’s got to make the trip without falling completely apart. Ya, not sure that’s going to happen.

10. Electronics cords. You put them in a box that you’re sure you’ll remember when you get to the new house. You then spend two hours opening box after box looking for them. Of course, they are in the “last” box you open.

What do you find is the hardest thing to move?
Is there anything you thought you moved but you haven’t found yet?

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Hardest Things To Move

  1. NOTHING is harder to move than the bedroom suite from Taiwan; the movers had to get that up the stairs in several houses. Thank heavens, they were professional.

  2. My hardest thing to move is an antique bookshelf that has had some damage to the bottom and doesn’t stand upright on its own. It needs to be propped up. Oh– did I mention it’s actually an architectural salvage, so it also doesn’t have a back? Just slats. Gives me a heart attack every time I have to move it.

  3. Have you thought about using ziploc bags for the stuff you don’t want to leak? That worked great for our cross-country move a couple of years ago.

    My dad always said that the hardest move he ever made was the one where they moved across the street and down about 10 houses. They practically hand-carried everything!!

    Hope it goes smoothly for you!

    • Oh! We’re ziplocing over here.

      We’re doing a lot of the move in laundry baskets and mini-vans. Not putting everything in boxes and the truck. I think that’s what make it feel a bit scattered. But, it seems crazy to pack something tightly in a box, drive ten minutes and then unpack it. You know?

  4. I totally understand what it’s like to look for something and have it be in the last box you open. >.< lol
    Murphey's Law

    Good luck with the move! 🙂

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