Losing It 2011 : A New Challenge

Losing It! is back!

Does anyone remember when I was excited because I was losing weight and getting healthier and all that good stuff? Ya, I can barely remember it either. As a matter of fact, pretty much all the good I did is gone. Rather depressing. Of course, I was eating because I was depressed and then I became depressed because of what that eating did and ate some more… It’s a vicious circle really.

SO! I’m starting the Losing It! linky again. Why? Because (and this is a bit selfish) I need it. Yep, I need it. It’s really all about me anyway right? Oh! You need it too? You do? Well, then come on and linky up! And, you might win a prize!

That’s right I’m talking prizes.

I’m talking a competition.

I’m talking working together to help each other obtain our weight loss goals.

Who’s with me?

You? Then get you posts ready to link up! The first linky will be next Friday, July 1st. We will link up for 12 weeks. During those weeks, share with your readers (and then link up here) how you are trying to improve your health through weight loss.

Then, at the end of the 12 weeks, the blogger (or commenter) who has lost the highest percentage of weight will win a prize (to be announced next week). However, we will all actually be winners because we will be LOSING IT!

Feel free to snag my “Losing It”  button. I’m going to try and put it on the side bar with code – gotta learn how to do that. Also, our Twitter hashtag will be #LosingIt11.

Can’t wait until next week to start Losing It! with you!!

2 thoughts on “Losing It 2011 : A New Challenge

  1. Woo hoo! I’m so there! Seriously, this challenge was the only thing that really got me going last year before I got preggers. I think it’s definitely the accountability coupled with the fact that I love good blogging fodder :oP

    Count me in!

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