30 Day Give : Day 6

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today’s “give” was easy. I served at my church. It’s not something I did because of the 30 Day Giving Challenge. It’s something I do EVERY Sunday. A couple years ago I pulled back to serving every other Sunday. I hated it. I like to be in there, helping EVERY Sunday.

I’ve been serving in the preschool environment at my church for over 10 years. I was there before I had the Princess, and I’m still there now that she’s moved on to the elementary environment. Why do I serve in preschool EVERY Sunday?

Because preschoolers are the most important people in that building!

It’s true.  Preschoolers are often overlooked and just baby-sat, but they are little sponges just waiting to absorb anything and everything they encounter. What an amazing opportunity we have to teach them that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. (For more information on the curriculum we use, visit Orange.) It is truly an honor to serve with leaders who influence the next generation every Sunday.

Today, I had a rough one. We had one little girl who was in full tantrum when Mom dropped her off. I mean FULL tantrum. Like kicking, screaming, flailing. Whew! I held her through it so she wouldn’t hurt herself and was rewarded with those exhausted sighs and limp hugs that come at the end. Then, we took a walk and she was ready to go learn and play with her class. When mom picked her up, she came and gave me a hug and snuggle and told me that next week she wasn’t going to cry.

And that’s why I go back each week. Because, no matter how small a difference, I am making a difference in at least one child’s life each week. I love it.

Do you serve somewhere on a regular basis?

4 thoughts on “30 Day Give : Day 6

  1. I’m not serving yet at our new church, but I want to. THANK YOU for serving those preschoolers and their parents. I’m so thankful for the sweet volunteers who have embraced and encouraged my kiddo. She has had a rough time transitioning to a new church and even HIT one of the workers. I was soooo embarrassed and upset, but not only did that woman help me calm her down but also sent my daughter a postcard later that week, telling her how glad she was that she calmed down and that she looked forward to seeing her the next Sunday. That was HUGE to this mom!

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