30 Day Give : Day 7

Today’s give was a yummy one! I cooked cinnamon rolls (a first for me) and took them to our staff meeting. They were a HUGE hit and well appreciated.

Then, in the afternoon, I ran back up to the office and started THREE crock pots of taco soup for a group of co-workers that were having meetings late into the evenings. I also brought them chopped veggies with homemade dip.

I finished their meal up with a delicious Lime Cake that I learned to make a few months ago. It was the perfect finish to the somewhat spicy meal.



I love cooking for other people. It’s such a fun way to give!

If you’ve missed the first few days of the 30 Day Giving Challenge, you can catch up here.

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We are really having a blast with 30 Day Giving Challenge here at the House of Hills. Are you participating?!

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  1. Amy says: Reply

    Those cinnamon rolls look SO yum! Love your ideas!

    – Amy

    1. KHill says: Reply

      They are AMAZING! And, they got better with each batch. Practice makes perfect!

  2. Andie says: Reply

    Ohhh, I agree, those cinnamon rolls look delicious, I’m going to have to try them.

    We have so much leftover candy from Halloween I think I’ll have my kids bag candy for their shoe boxes too, thanks for the idea!

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