30 Day Give : Day 3

Do you shop at Bath and Body Works? Does it just draw you in with all the scents and pretty baskets?

Ya, us too.

The girl and I can spend some serious time in Bath and Body. Serious time.

However, we only purchase when things are on sale. (Of course, something always seems to be on sale…)

A few weeks ago they had these adorable “fall” scented hand sanitizers. We grabbed several to give as gifts and have around for our lunch boxes.

Today, we decided to add a little crinkle paper, clear bag, and ribbon and give them to the girl’s teachers. As a former teacher, I can tell you that hand sanitizer (especially as we approach flu season) is a teacher’s best friend.

I try to send in a little “thinking of you” and “thank you” gift to the girl’s teachers every month or so. I’ve been there, and they DO NOT get thanked enough for all that they do.

When’s the last time you “thanked” your child’s teacher?

30-Day Giving Challenge

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