Thank You Pinterest : Waffle Cinnamon Rolls

This awesomeness just happened in my office.

Well it didn’t just happen like it came out of nowhere.
It started like this. (Thank you Kim)

And this. (Thank you Kristie.)

Then it was this.

And, finally, this was my plate.

Doesn’t that make you just smile? It made my entire office smile. (Well, those that were here. If you worked from home today or were running late, you MISSED OUT!) You should have seen us! EVERYONE that was here was milling around in the kitchen in excitement.

Was it going to work just like on Pinterest?
Were they going to taste good?

The answer to both – OH YEAH!

So, thank you Pinterest for giving my co-workers the idea. And THANK YOU to my co-workers for bringing in the waffle maker and cinnamon rolls. You rock!

What Pinterest find have you tried and been excited about?

2 thoughts on “Thank You Pinterest : Waffle Cinnamon Rolls

  1. I’m executing this recipe for Saturday morning breakfast! It will be my second Pinterest implementation. My first was taking a plastic cereal container I bought from Walmart; removing the flippey lid from over the opening (just pops off); and putting a trash bag liner in it. It is now my ever-so-clean-and-tidy trashcan in my car. 🙂

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