30 Day Giving Challenge Day Two 2012

The House of Hills is once again participating in the


Our goal is to give something EVERY day of the month. Big or small, every give is a gift to someone! Join the giving with us. We’d love to hear what you’re doing.

Day two’s give was once again a cooking one. Do you see a theme here? I truly do LOVE to cook and bake for others. I really enjoy baking, and I’m trying not to eat what I bake, so I just give it away. Win, win for everyone I say!

Our customer service folks were heading out on a retreat today, so I did a little baking to send along with them. All calories consumed on vacation/retreat are null and void, so I thought I’d send two yummies.

I made Scotcheroos, which are a personal favorite of mine, and my homemade brownies. (The recipe is coming soon. I promise! I took pictures while baking this batch.)

Don’t those look delightful!

I know my co-workers will enjoy them.

What’s your favorite thing to bake for others?


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