30 Day Giving Challenge Day One 2012

The House of Hills is once again participating in the


Our goal is to give something EVERY day of the month. Big or small, every give is a gift to someone! Join the giving with us. We’d love to hear what you’re doing.

Day one was an easy one for us. I already had a writers’ meeting scheduled for November 1st, and I always make lunch for my writing team.

About a year ago, we realized we we were outgrowing my office space for our monthly meeting so we moved it to my house. Now, my writing team arrives to a warm breakfast casserole made by the queen of breakfast casseroles, Deb, and I usually have something going in the slow cooker for lunch. The house smells of whatever dessert I just pulled from the oven, and it makes for an awesome meeting environment.

Because of the cold snap that accompanied Superstorm Sandy, I decided to make chili for the ladies. I made taco soup last month and didn’t want to repeat myself. I felt chili was far enough away but still easy to get started that morning.

I searched my Main Dishes Pinterest Board and found this chili recipe from my friend Mary. She claimed it was awesome.

My team would agree with her. It was was SO YUMMY… just the right balance of spicy and hearty. I highly recommend the recipe.

I also threw a quick batch of brownies (from a box – ack!) in the oven that morning. They didn’t seem to mind that they weren’t my usual homemade ones.

The team LOVES that Deb and I cook for them each month. And, we LOVE to do it for them. Nothing says I love and appreciate you more than a nice, home-cooked meal (in my humble opinion).

What are your favorite recipes to give?

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Giving Challenge Day One 2012

    • I know I’ve seen you tell someone, somewhere that it was awesome. Some tweet or something. That’s why I pounced on it when I saw it on my Pinterest. It was really yummy. I asked one friend how it was, and she just showed me her empty bowl, which had been full not five minutes before.

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