Drama Mama Update: Seuss!

If you follow me on social media at all, you know I’m a Drama Mama. Well, I guess if you follow the HOH, you know I’m a Drama Mama.

We’ve started the new competition troupe show. It’s Seussical Jr. I LOVE this show. It’s so fun and fast and full of energy. They had their first rehearsal on the 6th, and I snapped this picture.

Drama Mama: Seuss

My Mags is the one in the middle looking excited/scared/surprised… awesome. She’s JoJo. You know, the mayor’s “son.” (Yes, if you’re keeping track, she has yet to have a role in competition troupe that was actually designed for a girl.)

These kids are SO TALENTED. They’re going to do a great show. If you’re in North Metro Atlanta you’re going to want to put the last weekend of January/first weekend of February on your calendar as “day to see Seuss.”

Can’t wait to see what the next six months brings!



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