How CRAZY is your May?

Is your May as crazy as ours is in the House of Hills???

Every day brings another piece of paper to sign or email to read. And, I’ve only got one kid! I truly feel for you mamas of multiples. I can’t imagine how insane your calendars must look! We use Google Calendar, and everyone has a color. Its a veritable rainbow on there each and every day of May!

There are:
Projects to finish.
AP tests to take.
Finals to study for (but hopefully exempt).
Honors night.
Drama Banquet.

The list just keeps going.

I have to be very careful in May. I’m a list checker.
I like conversations about “What are you doing now? What do you need to do? What’s happening tomorrow? Have you done all the things?”
But, my girl, she’d rather talk about “I was thinking. I was dreaming. I have an idea.”

I want to shout, “Mama does not have time for any more ideas!” But, I hold my tongue (or try to—I don’t always succeed), because her ideas—her dreams—are what give her life. I need to stop. I need to listen. I need to love.

I need to remember that once the May crazy has passed, it will still be the three of us living and loving in the House of Hills. The checklists will be a thing of the past, but the relationships we continue to build with each other will live on.

How do you manage the crazy of May in your house?