Magic Kingdom :: Review of Chesire Cafe

On a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom, I got a little hungry. I mean, all that walking around (seriously people – like 7 miles a day) makes a girl hungry.

So, in the name of research, I decided to get a bite at the Chesire Cafe and write a review for you!

You’ve probably passed the Chesire Cafe many times. There’s a nice bathroom on the left side of it that is a quick jog from the Tea Cups. (Yes, I know this from personal experience.) However, you may have never grabbed a bite here — because it’s literally across the “road” from Cosmic Rays, which has the best quick service in the Magic Kingdom in the opinion of the House of Hills. (They’re also amazing with allergies, but that’s to be told another day.)

Back to the Chesire Cafe. There’s a limited menu here, but it’s a fabulous snacking opportunity.

In addition to the items listed above, they have a steady rotation of specialty snacks.

When I was there, they had the Pizza Frustas so I decided to try that. And, of course I had to try the Chesire Cat Tail – I mean, it’s the Chesire Cafe.

Let me just say. I was impressed. The dough on the Pizza Frustas was better than I expected. And, there was enough meat and cheese to give me the protein I needed in this snack. It was quite flavorful and tasty.

Now, the Chesire Cat Tail… that was AWESOME. It’s a Disney chocolate croissant with icing on it. Um, yes. I said chocolate croissant with icing. I was a happy mommy enjoying that treat. And, I didn’t share it either. Well, to be fair, Maggie is gluten-free, and David doesn’t like sweets much.

I was VERY pleased with my purchases at the Chesire Cafe. If I find myself hungry on that side of the park again, I’ll be stopping by.

Have you ever eaten at the Chesire Cafe?


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