Christmas Advent Ebook : Truth in the Tinsel

I am SO EXCITED to share this book with you today. My real and bloggy friend, Amanda, has created an AMAZING resource for you and your children. AMAZING I say.

Amanda has taken each day of December and made it a teaching opportunity for your child as well as a crafting opportunity. What an awesome way to spend the month celebrating the birth of our savior – quality time with our children reading scripture, discussing it and making it real for our littlest family members.

Here’s a few of my favorite things about this book:

  • There is a (short) scripture reading for each day. Each day you open the Bible with your child. Love that.
  • The crafts are EASY – mostly using things you have around the house. Meaning you don’t have to be super-mom in order to pull them off.
  • Amanda gives you the words to say in order to discuss the scripture with your children. What a gift.
  • There are multiple plans – as in you DON’T have to do a craft EVERY DAY if that overwhelms you. Just pick a plan and do several throughout the month.

This FABULOUS book will be available TOMORROW – BLACK FRIDAY at a reduced rate!

Do yourself a favor a pick up a copy!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this ebook to preview. ALL opinions are my own.


30 Day Give : Day 13

Today I cleaned the bathrooms.

Yes, I consider this a “give.” I DO NOT like to clean the bathrooms. Nobody in this house does. So, when I do it, I consider it a give.

In fact, today I cleaned the bathrooms, did several loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and multiple other things.

On my birthday.

And you know what… I was SO VERY THANKFUL the entire time I was doing it.

Thankful for bathrooms to clean.

Thankful for a house to live in.

Thankful that I could stop and have a snack when I wanted.

Thankful I had a daughter to care for (she’s got bronchitis).

Thankful for my family.

Just, thankful.

So, my give to my family was cleaning the bathrooms.

The give I received from my Heavenly Father – so very much more.


It’s Birthday Party Day!!!

Today is the day! It’s BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY!

The boxes are ready!!

The supplies are ready!!

There are toothbrushes…

There are bouncy balls…

There are plush animals…

There are crayons…

All that’s missing is YOU! Are you coming to my Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party? We’d love to have you!!

If you’re not able to come to my Birthday Party today, why don’t you plan on packing a box at home. Check the OCC website for a drop off place near you.

I’ll be tweeting as we prep for and during the party today. Follow me to see the fun!

30 Day Give : Day 11

Today we prepped for my Operation Christmas Child


Tomorrow, many of my friends, family, and co-workers will descend upon our office for a OCC Shoebox packing party.

The girl helped me set up all the buckets of goodies and then packed a sample shoebox so that people could see how full to pack them.

We are ready to get the party started in the morning.

The girl is just as excited as I am!!



If you would like to pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child (and can’t come to my party), check out their website for details and a drop off location near you!


I’m turning 40! Let’s Party!

Yes, it’s true…

I’m turning 40! And, soon!

So, it’s time to get ready to party. Whoop!

I’m having another Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party just like last year.

This year’s goal is 120 boxes – 3 for every year that I’ve been alive.

Do you think we can do it? We did 89 last year. I think we can do 120! I do!

We’ve moved the party to my office since it won’t fit in our little cottage. We’re going to have yummy food to eat and cupcakes to share.

And we’re going to have boxes…. lots of boxes!

Boxes that my family and friends can fill with amazing goodies to send somewhere far away to bless a child with Christmas. Christmas in a box. For most, this will be the first (and possibly only) Christmas gift they will ever receive. How blessed are we to be able to give them that?

I’m getting so excited! I can’t wait!

If you’re in the North Atlanta area, feel free to come on by. I’d love to meet you!

If you’re not able to come to my party, you can still pack an Operation Christmas Child shoe box with your family. They’ve made it so easy. Check out the Operation Christmas Child site for more details.

Pack a box and party with me!

Wordless Wednesday : My CRAZY Girl

I go to an amazing church with an incredible childrens’ ministry program.

I’ve talked about it before.

They’ve provided crazy Family Nights.

They’ve inspired powerful discussions about our salvation.

They are just simply fabulous people who are working very hard to lead the next generation to Christ.

So, when they asked for some help with a video they were making, the House of Hills was glad to take part. They needed us to decorate a HUGE clothespin and then get a family photo next to a flower on a windowsill. Seems easy enough right? It got a little crazy, and in the middle of it all, this video was made.

Enjoy a glimpse into our silliness:

Top Ten Tuesday: Where’d My Baby Go?

This is a picture of the Princess as Thomas O’Malley in a production of “Aristocats” at a local children’s theater last week.

Do you see how big she looks? Do you see? What in the world? What happened to THIS LITTLE GIRL?

Where has my baby gone?

It’s not just the pictures that are telling me my baby is growing up. Oh no. We’ve got all kinds of “big girl” coming out here at the House of Hills. I can tell you that we are literally in the middle of a “tween” invasion.

How do I know?

Oh, let me count the ways…

1. I no longer get a hug and kisses when dropping her off at places without demanding asking for them.

2. She actually cares about what she’s wearing. First time in her life she’s had an opinion. (Yes, I know I should be thankful we’ve gone this long.)

3. She actually cares about her hair. As in the box of all the clips and hair bands and what not that she’s had FOREVER is actually on the counter and in use. She even asks her daddy if she looks “good.” What? What?

4. She’s asking questions, lots of questions, about boys and girls and changes and such. (Yes, this is an entire post unto itself as to how to answer all of them. Maybe it’s a series of posts. Maybe I need to read a series of posts. Anybody got a good series of posts on this?)

5. When we go through the Chick-fil-a drive through, I’m now ordering a #5. I can no longer get the kiddie meal. It doesn’t fill her up. Seriously.

6. She now wants to be an “official” volunteer at church. Why? Because she really likes being with the kids and helping them. No longer is it to be with Mommy. She actually feels like she has a purpose with the kids. (This one is pretty cool I think. And, she’s great with the little ones.)

7. She’s going to be in the fourth grade in a week. THE FOURTH GRADE! What? I taught fourth grade. Those kids are big! Oh my heart.

8. She is only 9 inches shorter than me. Now, I’m short. Let’s just get that out there. However, it is still hard to accept the fact that your child is up to your shoulder. Seriously. Hard.

9. She’s learning to control her emotions. The other day I said something she didn’t agree with. She took a deep breath, thought for a moment and then explained in a reasonable tone why she disagreed with me. Didn’t whine. Didn’t throw a fit. Gave a very good argument. (Again, love this one, but still means she’s getting older. And no, I didn’t give in.)

10. She is becoming more and more helpful, more a part of the House of Hills team. She does what’s asked without complaining most of the time and is even picking up her room every once in a while on her own. She’s starting to see what needs to be done and doing it. Wow!

So ya, my baby is growing up.

That’s what she’s supposed to do right? Grow up.

Sometimes it hurts my heart because I miss the cuddly little cutie that giggled and twirled and said, “Watch me Mommy!”

Other times it hurts my heart because it wants to burst with pride with the young woman she’s becoming.

I guess it’s not so bad… the growing up…

I mean. She’s still my baby right? She’ll always be my baby.

And at night… when she’s tired… she still crawls in my lap and cuddles.

And it is pure bliss.

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