How do kids get sick so fast?

This was the Princess yesterday:

Hanging with her cousins after her soccer game. She played SO HARD yesterday. GREAT game!

Eating some FREE Rita’s Italian Ice after playing outside a bit. Did you get your FREE Rita’s yesterday. Yummy!  Then she played outside and played outside and played outside.

Finally she came home, showered, had dinner, and then…

We ran up to Brusters in our pjs to get our FREE ice cream.

The Princess had a GREAT First Day of Spring. The weather was finally warm enough to play outside. The neighborhood was full of fun and kids running all over the place. It was great.

She went to bed happy and exhausted. The perfect kid day.

However, at 2 am she crawled into bed with me complaining that she was aching all over. I felt her head. You could have fried an egg. Seriously!

This is the Princess today:

Ya, she’s smiling now. But last night, she wasn’t so happy. She still has a bit of a fever, but it’s not 103.5 (like it was last night) for goodness sakes. So, we’re spending the day on the couch. This reminds me of a day not over a month ago where we did the same thing. She’s having a rough winter. Poor thing.

Have you ever had one of yours crash like that in a matter of hours?  Crazy stuff.

Works For Me Wednesday: Green Hair

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s the day to wear green. And, as with any holiday, the Princess got all into it. She loves holidays and celebrations of any kind. Everything should be a party in her world. It’s actually a pretty fun way to live. Sometime over the weekend she got it in her head that she needed to have green hair for St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously. Green hair. I really think her dear father put the idea in her head, but I can’t be totally sure.

So, she asked me to get her some green hair spray. She wanted green hair. Seriously. I waited a few days to see if it would pass. Nope! She told everyone at school she was going to have green hair for St. Patrick’s Day. She talked about it at the dinner table every night. She wanted green hair. Seriously.

I had two choices as a parent (obviously). I could say “NO! We don’t color our hair on a regular school day. It must be wacky hair day or some such thing.” OR, I could say, “You want green hair? Seriously? Okay.” and go buy some green hair spray. Guess what I chose.

Green hair – it works for me. (As long as it’s not mine.)

In order to get the green highlights look, I sprayed a section and then ran a brush through it so that it spread the paint out. I’m throwing the brush in the dishwasher and hoping the paint will come off the bristles. Her hair is actually a darker green that it appears in the picture, and I did highlights all the way around. She was happy with it, so Mommy was too.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Project

Thumbelina’s Leaf Cap Shop

The Princess’s first “big” project that she completed pretty much on her own. I helped with a little hot gluing and a little taping, but that’s it. All ideas, color choices, and creativity was hers. She even took this picture (thus a little blurry). So proud of her. She got a 100%, which was awesome. EVEN BETTER is that it gave her confidence that she could do projects. We had a few tears of worry during the process.

Snow Day * Sick Day

It snowed today in Georgia! Like really snowed. Like inches snowed. I know I got excited back at the beginning of January when it snowed and we had snow day. However, that was NOTHING compared to what we got today.

This is the view out the back door. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. Just gorgeous. Perfect snow for playing in, making snowballs with and for just general snow frolicing.

Unfortunately, this is my precious Princess at the end of the day. She was worse at the beginning of the day. But, even by the end of the day when she was able to hold down some water, she still wasn’t able to keep down any food. Like NOTHING. She tried one tiny bite of bread at the end of the day, and it was immediately rejected. For the first time in her life, my baby went to bed on an empty stomach. So sad…

She’s asleep now and dreaming of playing in the snow tomorrow. There is no way she’s going to be well by tomorrow. NO WAY! But, she SO wants to go out in the snow.

So, here’s the question. Am I a terrible mother if I bundle her fevered self up and let her have five minutes in the snow? She just wants to throw a snowball at Mommy and Daddy. And maybe crunch around the back yard. What’s a mother to do????

Finer Thing Fridays: Washable Lovies

The tummy bug has hit the House of Hills. The Princess had a bit of a fever last night and then woke up this morning with a race to the bathroom. This is NOT a finer thing.

See the Princess’s Lovies – her Beary and Bunny. They ARE a FINER THING. They’re washable!!!! They’re the TY Pluffies. And, they’ve been washed many, many, many times over the years. She’s had Beary since birth. She was a reflux baby so Beary ended up christened with bodily fluids often. He would take a bath almost daily. Bunny came along when she was about two, and they have been a set ever since. It is so helpful to have washable lovies.

Another FINER THING – we have a second set of Beary and Bunny. So, while the first set is taking a bath, the Princess can cuddle with the second set.

Washable Lovies – A FINER THING

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Things I Love Thursday: Cuddles

Last night was one of those nights. You know the ones where the sweet princess is up and up and up. It was one of those. The poor thing was slightly congested, which was the 3:15 – 3:45 coming in and out of my room and the nose blowing and coughing. We finally got that under control after a few treks up and down the hall and her laying with me for a few minutes.

Then, she woke up at 5 and was just plain excited and giddy about the day. At 5AM! You see, today was Consumer Day at school and she was so full of anticipation. She’d made her sign, made her products, checked off her checklist. She was ready, and she couldn’t wait for the day to come. So, she climbed in my bed chatting about it at 5AM. Seriously, 5AM. I calmed her down, said “Yes, it is exciting. Now get some more sleep!!!” and held her in my arms. She slept for another hour and a half. In my arms. All content and snuggly. Just like she did when she was little bitty.

I was complaining a little this morning about how tired I was today because of our crazy night, but then I got to thinking. Isn’t this what I signed up for when I became a mom. Isn’t this what I wanted. A little person who looks to me to hold her and make it all better. Who thinks that in my arms is the best place in the world. Aren’t the cuddles worth it all. They are. The cuddles are worth every minute of lost sleep. They’re worth the snotty tissues and dirty clothes. They’re worth pretty much everything.

When my “baby” girl curls up in my arms, lets out a tiny little sigh, and falls asleep, I know that she feels loved, safe, and secure. Everything I’ve ever wanted for her.  Today, cuddles are the thing I love the most.

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Indoor Snowmen

We had snow in Georgia a couple of weeks ago. Well, there was a LITTLE bit of snow and A LOT of ice – to the point that we were out of school two and a half days. It always looks crazy on the news to you Yankees, but let me tell you – there is a HUGE difference between driving in snow and driving ON ice. I can do the first. I won’t even attempt the second. I’m a mom. My Princess needs me alive and functioning. I won’t risk it.

In typical Georgia fashion (or maybe it’s news organizations everywhere), they hype before the snow was even more insane than the actual event. They weren’t really sure when it was going to start coming down, and if it was going to be ice or snow when it did come down, so our county decided to have early release on the day the weather system hit. Now, let me say that it had been REALLY COLD here – cold for Georgia anyway. So, the ground was actually frozen. So, whatever hit it was gonna freeze immediately. That means ice. I agreed with the decision to release early. You don’t want your kid on a bus trying to make into the hilly part of the county on an iced road.

School got out at noon. There wasn’t anything coming from the sky until about three. I had four girls (I had my neighbor’s three since she had to be at work and I could be home) – four extremely excited, “Oh my goodness I can’t wait for it to snow” girls. And there was no snow in which to play. We needed to be busy.

My first thought – we’ll bake something! Well, that’s all fine and good until it’s sitting in the oven and we’re all waiting for the yummy goodness to come out.

Next thought – we’ll make Rice Krispie Treats! They are edible right away. However, there’s not much to that. It will take like five minutes.

But WAIT! They can play with the Rice Krispies!! They’ll get messy, but who cares. We have soap.

The BIG IDEA! We can make snowmen out of Rice Krispie Treats! They can form balls and stack them and then eat them. FUN! FUN! FUN!

That’s what we did. We made INDOOR SNOWMEN with Rice Krispie Treats.

Here’s what you do:

1. Put a piece of waxed paper at each spot at the table.

2. Put softened butter in bowls that everyone can reach. Depending on age and size of children, you’re going to want each child or every two children to have a bowl. And you need LOTS of butter. We used about a tablespoon per child.

3. Call everyone into the kitchen and explain the plan. Explain that when you are almost done mixing, you are going to tell them to wash their hands. They must do so IMMEDIATELY and get to the table so their treats won’t harden before they get to play with them. They will listen VERY seriously and promise to do exactly what you say.

4. Make the Rice Krispie Treats. I never use actual Rice Krispies (unless I got them on sale with a coupon), but you know the basic recipe is on the box of any puffed rice cereal.

5. As you are adding the cereal to the marshmallows, call out for everyone to wash and get to the table.

6. After they are mixed, let them cool about 30 seconds. During this time, instruct everyone to get a mass of butter and make sure it covers their hands. They LOVED this part. There were many squeals of joy. Getting messy and greasy on purpose. Oh the fabulousness of it all!

7. Give each child a portion of of the Rice Krispie Treats and let them have fun. You can make snowmen. You can make logs. You can make…. well, whatever you want.

8. Helpful hint: The Princess discovered that if your treats started to get a little stiff, like they wanted to harden up, just add some more butter. Made them soft and pliable again.

The girls had a blast! We had over a half hour of fun out of this activity. And, it was our snack too. Check out the pictures below and looking at the grinning faces. They’ll tell you that Aunt Kathy/Mom rocks! It’s ’cause I let them play with food.

Ice Skating and Conquering Fear

I took The Princess ice skating today for the first time. She was invited to a birthday party at the ice rink. Had it not been for that, she still would never have been ice skating. I can’t ice skate. I don’t want to know how to ice skate. It scares the… Well, it scares me. Slick surface while on blades of steel (or whatever they’re made from). No thank you.

However, when you’re child is invited to do something and wants to try it, you can’t let your fear show. This would be the ultimate example of NOT transferring your own baggage to your child. Believe me, I’ve got plenty of baggage. It’s just not fair to share it with her.

Ironically, Maggie had fears of her own. We had tears last night as she lay in bed thinking through the next day. She’s an over-thinker (have no idea where she gets that from – really). Therefore, she was thinking about how hard it was going to be to try something new. What if she couldn’t do it? What if she fell? What if her friends left her behind? All those normal 7 year old fears. I held her while she cried and reminded her that I would be right there. No, I couldn’t hold her hand on the rink (’cause there was NO way Mommy was getting out there), but I would be there cheering her on. And, if she didn’t want to skate, she could just watch. I would support her decision either way.

We got to the rink, got the skates on – not a small feat by the way – and it was time to try. This is her “Oh my goodness I’m so not sure about this but Mommy wants to take a picture face.”

She got out onto the rink and went about two feet. The whole time holding on with a death grip to the wall.

After the venture of 2 feet, she scurried (as well as she could on ice) back to the entrance and got off the rink. “I can’t do it. It’s too hard,” said she with a look of panic on her face. This is where some serious parenting comes in. I had two options. I could tell her to get her rear back out on the rink and try since she didn’t even go that far, OR I could nod understandably and support her decision. I chose the latter.

I had told her the night before that I would be there for her. That means being there for her whatever her decision may be. I want her to know that I will ALWAYS ALWAYS love her and support her. This may not seem like a huge thing. This is just ice skating. But is it? Every time I support her decision making and am there for her, I’m building a pattern of behavior in our relationship. She can trust me to be there – no matter what. When she’s seven, it’s that I’ll be there while she’s ice skating. When she’s eight, it may be that I’m there when she’s having to make a tough decision about a friendship. When she’s a teenager, those circumstances and decisions are going to be harder and more life changing. I want her to know I’m there. ALWAYS. And she’s not going to know that then, if I’m not right now. While she’s ice skating. When she’s seven.

We walked around outside the rink a little bit letting her get more comfortable in the skates. Her friends, one by one, ventured out onto the rink and stayed out there. Here’s what this momma knows. Peer pressure works. I didn’t have to be the heavy. She was going to want to join in the fun. And, she did.

The first time around, I walked with her as far as I could. I couldn’t reach her through the glass. I couldn’t even hear her through the glass. But, I was there. And, that’s all she needed. She needed to know I was there. Supporting her, no matter what.

Once she made it around the rink the first time, she came off grinning and telling me she loved it. After our time in the party room (for the birthday), she got on the ice and never looked back. She was one of the last people off. She had conquered her fear. I just got to be there, stand to the side, and watch the confidence bloom.