Snow Day * Sick Day

It snowed today in Georgia! Like really snowed. Like inches snowed. I know I got excited back at the beginning of January when it snowed and we had snow day. However, that was NOTHING compared to what we got today.

This is the view out the back door. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. Just gorgeous. Perfect snow for playing in, making snowballs with and for just general snow frolicing.

Unfortunately, this is my precious Princess at the end of the day. She was worse at the beginning of the day. But, even by the end of the day when she was able to hold down some water, she still wasn’t able to keep down any food. Like NOTHING. She tried one tiny bite of bread at the end of the day, and it was immediately rejected. For the first time in her life, my baby went to bed on an empty stomach. So sad…

She’s asleep now and dreaming of playing in the snow tomorrow. There is no way she’s going to be well by tomorrow. NO WAY! But, she SO wants to go out in the snow.

So, here’s the question. Am I a terrible mother if I bundle her fevered self up and let her have five minutes in the snow? She just wants to throw a snowball at Mommy and Daddy. And maybe crunch around the back yard. What’s a mother to do????

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  1. Please let her do it!! Is going to lift her spirit so much, and that is going to help her get better – or at least would not allow the “bug” to get any worse from being outside for a few minutes! Otherwise, she’s going to be sad about this for a long, long time… Just my opinion. I hope she is going to get better soon!!! And, from what I read here lately, I think you are an AWESOME Mom!

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