Maggie was Baptized Today!!

What an amazing day for the House of Hills. Lots of tears, lots of smiles, and lots of hugs. Maggie showed the world that she loves Jesus today by being baptized during the Family Birthday Celebration, and Daddy got to do the baptizing!!

The tears started when Mommy dropped Maggie off with the other kids who were going to be baptized (most of whom were bigger than she). Then the service started, and all the kids were just amazing! What a pure love of Jesus in their hearts. It was wonderful to watch. 
Then, right in the middle, my precious Maggie was on the screen. Her beautiful and succinct declaration of her love for Jesus made my heart sing. Then, there was my amazing husband, standing in the baptismal telling her how proud we are of her and how much God will love her always. It was obvious that he was Maggie’s daddy, and I heard lots of “Oh, how sweet, that’s her daddy!” around me. And saw lots of teary eyes. 
What was so beautiful was watching Maggie’s earthly father clearly display the love of her Heavenly Father through his words and tears as he baptized her. I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I can’t wait to see it again on video so I can enjoy it more thoroughly. 
Once all the kids were baptized, Danny Dukes led us in a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” and then asked us to rock it out with “We Shine” by Steve Fee. What finished off the tears was during the chorus – We are the redeemed. We are the ones who are free. And we belong to Jesus! – they flashed the pictures of the kids who were just baptized and who had just proclaimed that they belong to Jesus on the beat of the song. They a

lso walked the kids out to stand on the front steps of the stage. SO POWERFUL!!!!
Then, all the parents, grandparents, small group leaders, and prayer partners were invited on stage to pray with the kids. After that prayer, we headed to the Kidstuf 
theater for cake and party time. 
It was an amazing afternoon and one we will never forget. Many than
ks to all at North Point Community Church that participated and made it happen

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