Snow Day – 01 07 10


For anyone living in the south, you know this is huge. For those of you with feet of snow on the ground, indulge me. Just for a minute.

School was called early so we ended up with four princesses in the house instead of one. Gotta help a friend in need, and snow is always more fun with friends.

There was snacking and movie watching while waiting for the snow to start.

There was SNOW! Like these little tiny flurries. Can you even see them? They are trying to catch them on their tongues.

There was hot chocolate drinking – TOTALLY forgot to take a picture. Was too busy enjoying my own hot chocolate.

There was snowman making inside since there wasn’t enough snow outside.

There was MORE SNOW! Now we can actually catch it. If you look carefully, you can actually see the flakes in this one.

There was much, much fun with great, great friends.

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