Top Ten Tuesday: Things I might eat today

This one is for the ladies. Seriously guys, if you’re not married, it’s gonna be TMI. If you are married, well, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but perhaps not the severity of the situation.

So ladies. You know that day of the month where you could eat the whole day. I mean THE. WHOLE. DAY! Where as you’re eating one thing, you’re thinking about what else would taste good. You know the day the prepares you for pregnancy cravings. Ya, today would be my day. Yesterday was the “I’m going to snap your head off” day. (Let my just say a public apology to my daughter for yesterday. Poor kid.) Today is the eat all day day. Same way – every month. One right after the other and then BAM! In honor of this wacky/hormonal day, here is a list of what I MIGHT eat today.

1. If I had gone to the office today instead of working from home, I MIGHT have eaten at Mommy Francis for breakfast and ordered their AMAZING pancakes. LOVE THEM!! With lots of syrup of course.

2. If I had gone to the office today, I MIGHT have eaten lunch at The Robin Hood Tavern (I couldn’t find a link) and had this yummy massive cheeseburger thing with onion strings on top. Oh my, it’s tasty… and salty. Perfect.

3. If I had gone to the office today, I MIGHT have eaten lunch at Tanner’s Chicken and had the fried chicken salad. Ya, the word salad is in there, but the awesome chicken fingers take all the healthy yuck out of it.

4. If I had gone to the office today, I MIGHT have had a gelato for dessert – chocolate of course.

See, it’s a good thing I didn’t go into the office today. I’m working from home – where I can eat from my pantry! Whew! Saved from all that yummy goodness…

Now, out of the pantry I MIGHT eat…

5. Popcorn with M&Ms. One of MY favorite treats. The trick is to pour the M&Ms right after the popcorn pops. Then they get melty. Mmmmm… Who am I kidding. There is no MIGHT about this one. I’m eating it right now.

6. The leftover wings from small group last night. My husband probably thinks he’s having these for dinner tonight. I wonder how many MIGHT go missing.

7. The chocolate mint Jelly Belly’s that Santa put in my stocking. I sorta forgot about them, but just discovered them while digging around for M&Ms. Ya, this whole bag MIGHT not make it until the end of the day.

8. I’ve got brownie mix in my pantry. I MIGHT have to make some of those. Turning on the oven would warm the house up. Hmmmm…

9. Then, there is the old standby. A container of chocolate icing. I MIGHT have been known to consume one or two over the years on the Eat All Day Day. Learned this trick from a friend in college. You will always find chocolate icing in my pantry. Just in case I MIGHT need it.

10. Just remembered! I’m meeting some ladies for dinner tonight at Chili’s. I MIGHT have to skip the dinner part and go straight to the Molten Chocolate Cake. Of course, I can get a big, juicy burger there… Hmmmm…

So ladies – what do you eat on your Eat ALL Day Day?

If you don’t have one of those every month, count yourself blessed and me jealous.

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