Things I Love Thursday: Mark It!

I have an addiction. I will admit it. It’s an addiction. I LOVE LOVE LOVE school supplies. Seriously! In August, when all the school supplies are out in those big bins, it’s truly heaven on earth for me. And now that the Princess has a school supply list – OH MY! It’s a wonderful thing. I actually have to hold back and make sure I take her with me when shopping her list.

She gets mad if I leave her out, because…are you ready for this…my addiction is hereditary. It is. The Princess gets the same gleam in her eye when she walks down the school supplies aisle. I think we both just grin from ear to ear. It’s a true bonding experience. It can also be an expensive one.

Last week I had to go to the office supply store before my work retreat and the Princess of course came with me to see what she could throw in the cart unnoticed. There were several things I needed to pick up and all in the color orange. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that my company’s signature color is orange. In a MAJOR way. Now, just to let you know – orange pens are hard to find. In fact, you can’t find an orange ball point pen. But, you can find orange markers. And, you can sometimes find markers available for single unit purchase at the office supply store. We came home with these beauties.

Aren’t they gorgeous. Pardon my photography. I’m not good, but the markers are AMAZING!!!! Seriously, AMAZING! The orange one is mine. The blue one belongs belonged to the Princess. I gave an orange one to everyone on my team, and they were all raving about them. In fact, two gals have told me that they let their kids have the other goodies I gave them, but they won’t let them near the marker. I’ve been walking around with my orange one in my pocket since I got home. I use it for everything. (And now I’ve confiscated the Princess’s blue one  -ha ha ha – evil laughter.)

“What are they?” you ask – since you can’t read the pen on my fabulous photography. They’re the BIC Mark it! Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker that would be the official name. I went and checked on the BIC website and they come in 36 colors – oh my! That almost makes me tear up with joy. Thirty-six colors!!!!! I see a trip to Staples in my future. That’s where I got the two I already have. They had a fabulous display and everything. It was LOVELY.

**Sigh** I’m in love… with markers….

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I wasn’t given these markers. I purchased them myself. All opinions are mine and only mine.

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  1. HA!!! I remember your glee and over-the-moon excitement when you had the whole mini Sharpie set in every color no one ever thought Sharpie would make! You crack me up with your marker love!

  2. I love school supplies too! I LOVE the fact that they are super cheap in August, and though we stocked up this year, we’ve already gone through our supply. Next year I’m filling an entire cart at Wal-mart with markers, crayons, glue, rulers, and scissors!

    • We’re about through ours for this year as well. We did a major purge of the house and anything that was truly extra got donated to the flood victims in Atlanta. I think we’ll make it, but maybe not on glue sticks.

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