Top Ten Tuesday: What I'm Watching

It’s Tuesday… so it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday over at OhAmanda. Here’s my contribution.

I’ve been spending a lot more time in front of the TV. I’m not sure whether the TV has gotten better or I’ve just gotten older, and that’s what I do now. In fact, there are few shows out there that make me think or make me laugh. I thought I’d share them with you. Since I know you wanted to know – here’s what I’m watching these days:

10. 24 – This is honestly the FIRST season I’ve watched – EVER. I know, it’s like season what 3…4…5… I don’t even know. The Sweetie started watching it because so many folks at work watch it, and he wanted to be able to discuss. In fact, it’s on while I’m typing this. I’m obviously not that interested as I’m writing this rather than paying attention.

9. Kim Possible – This would be the Princess’s favorite show ever since we were at Epcot in November and did the Kim Possible adventure thing. It was a BLAST! And, we discovered Kim Possible and her crazy friends. She’s a pretty fun show to watch. Which is good, since we watch her often daily.

8. Phineas and Ferb – Have you watched this one on Disney Channel? They are awesome. It’s such a great one for parents and kids to watch together. I would like to say this is also a Princess show, but there are times I’ve caught myself watching, and she’s not in the room.

7. Iron Chef America – Good food and good chefs. I wish I could cook like that. **sigh** Of course, that much pressure would put me over the edge.

6. As Time Goes By – This one is on BBC – an old British romantic comedy series. Dame Judy Dench is in it so the acting is superb, and the writing is great. It’s one that the Sweetie and I like to watch together. True couple time.

5. ChuckI adore Chuck. He’s even more fun now that he can do that mad ninja stuff this season. If you are not watching chuck, you are really missing out.

4. CASTLE – Remember Moonlighting? Back in the 80’s? I loved Moonlighting. Castle reminds me of Moonlighting – but better.

3. NCIS – LA – This one is growing on me. I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s getting better. The chemistry between the ensemble is good and the mysteries are good.

2. NCIS LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Well, except for that new lawyer chick – not too excited about her, but I don’t think we’re supposed to like her. I love the chemistry between the cast and Abby is my absolute favorite character.

1. LOST – There are no words. It’s just AWESOME! And it’s on tonight!!! Wooop! Wooop!

Do you have a favorite that’s not on my list? Am I missing something?

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  1. Good list! I keep hearing about Chuck and 24. They are both on my list for future viewing of DVD sets :o) I LOVE Castle! It’s an “easy” show to watch. It’s not super deep or anything. But I love the banter and I LOVE Nathan Fillion! I’m a new fan of last. I’ve only gotten to season 3 so far. And now I’m re-watching 1-3 with my hubby so he can continue on watching it with me. We’re hoping (hoping being the key word here) to catch up enough to watch the season finale with everyone else. I’m sure that’s going to be a huge night!
    Glee is another favorite show. It’s so fun to watch and I love the singing and dancing. Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes are also a fave of ours.

    We’ve recently gotten into True Blood on HBO but depending on your tastes, beliefs and sensibilities it may not be your kind of show!

    • Good luck catching up on LOST. It can take over your life! I had to catch up before watching season 3. Actually, I only watched season 1. I’ve never seen all of season 2. It only causes confusion every once in awhile and then the hubby fills me in.

  2. Well we don’t watch many of the same shows – we have #10 & #1 in common – both excellent in my opinion!! I actually don’t watch that much … I add some reality tv in there but the nice thing about that is I just watch on DVR a little here & there (survivor starts THURSDAY!! and American Idol, Biggest Loser)!

    • I just can’t take that much reality TV. Can’t stand to watch people make idiots of themselves. I get so embarrassed for them. Have to hide my head sometimes. My hubby laughs at me.

  3. The only ones we have in common are #1 and #10. Those are some of my all time faves! I’m also pretty big into reality TV, though, too.

    You missed the hatch? It was in one of the jungles in the hotel. Too bad Sawyer didn’t pop out!!

  4. I’m with you on Iron Chef America. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a no scripted drama kind of girl. I can’t keep the plots straight in my head.

  5. I am SUCH a Phineas & Ferb fan! They have some of the best writers on TV!

    I love the Kim Possible Adventure at EPCOT far more than we ever liked the TV show. Go figure!

    Castle…I *big, puffy HEART* Castle. you’re right…like Moonlighting only BETTER!

  6. Phinius and Ferb is on all the time at my house and I actually laugh at it from time to time. We’re on our way to Disney World at the end of the month, so we’ll check out the Kim Possible adventure because we love that show! And I’m sorry to inform you (and my husband!) that Chuck is MY boyfriend! LOVE him! Super fun list!

  7. Ok, glee…must watch. My new show that I really like is The Good Wife….really good..
    OH! One of my all time faves… House. That’s a must see in our house.
    But Phineas and ferb is the bomb. Just bought the music cd too!!!!

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