Weekend Wonderings 02 21 10

This picture was taken last fall after we looked at condos and townhouses where we are hoping to move. It was a beautiful fall day. The Princess and My Sweetie enjoyed some gelato while reflecting on what we had seen.

I WONDER if we will be able to sit in this same place this spring – when it’s FINALLY warm again. However, this time we would be living near there and not just visiting. I WONDER if the next time we sit there, the stress of keeping the house clean and wondering if anyone wants our current home will be over.

I WONDER if my precious daughter will be happily attending her second new school in one year and thrilled with her new friends. I WONDER if I will be loving my new commute – of just minutes rather than 45 minutes – and having that love overflow onto my family just as my current frustration does. I WONDER if My Sweetie and I will be enjoying the nearness of friends and having lots of dinner dates with people we love.

I WONDER what God has planned for us in the next few months. I WONDER and I trust.

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