How do kids get sick so fast?

This was the Princess yesterday:

Hanging with her cousins after her soccer game. She played SO HARD yesterday. GREAT game!

Eating some FREE Rita’s Italian Ice after playing outside a bit. Did you get your FREE Rita’s yesterday. Yummy!  Then she played outside and played outside and played outside.

Finally she came home, showered, had dinner, and then…

We ran up to Brusters in our pjs to get our FREE ice cream.

The Princess had a GREAT First Day of Spring. The weather was finally warm enough to play outside. The neighborhood was full of fun and kids running all over the place. It was great.

She went to bed happy and exhausted. The perfect kid day.

However, at 2 am she crawled into bed with me complaining that she was aching all over. I felt her head. You could have fried an egg. Seriously!

This is the Princess today:

Ya, she’s smiling now. But last night, she wasn’t so happy. She still has a bit of a fever, but it’s not 103.5 (like it was last night) for goodness sakes. So, we’re spending the day on the couch. This reminds me of a day not over a month ago where we did the same thing. She’s having a rough winter. Poor thing.

Have you ever had one of yours crash like that in a matter of hours?  Crazy stuff.

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