Things I Love Thursday: My Child's Teacher

Do you love your child’s teacher? Perhaps you are your child’s teacher? I We made the decision when the Princess was about three that I couldn’t homeschool her. I’ve got a Masters Degree in Education, and there is NO WAY I could homeschool my own child. She and I are too similar. I would fear for her safety daily. Seriously.

So, when the time came, we sent her off to public school. (Did you see the adorable picture of her first day of Kindergarten?) We considered private, but ended up deciding on public. Long story short, we really felt led to go public. We live in a great school system, and have had amazing teachers all three years.

This year we have Mrs. J. She is AWESOME. She keeps all the kids challenged (no small feat), does great projects that force the kids to think, and does a great deal of hands on learning. She’s somehow made preparing for the yearly tests fun as I’ve heard no complaining from the Princess. And, she has my daughter’s absolute adoration. For that I am so appreciative. (Of course now that what Mrs. J says trumps what I say sometimes, I’m a little frustrated, but since we’re actually saying the same thing… Somehow it means more coming from Mrs. J. **sigh**)

Mrs. J also has an amazing rapport with the parents. I know that if I were teaching in the Princess’s school, Mrs. J and I would be great friends. She teaches in a style VERY similar to the way I taught. That probably endears her to me the most. Knowing that my daughter is getting as good an education as I could give her, but without the relational upheaval we would have if I was the one giving it to her. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up, and I’m going to spoil Mrs. J. She’s definitely a thing I love. In fact, I think I’ll send her a box of chocolates today! She deserves them. Why wait for teacher appreciation week?!

Do you love your child’s teacher?

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5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: My Child's Teacher

  1. The children are the blessings. Each and every one have their special talents that make them unique. Teacher’s are the lucky ones.

  2. Oh! This just warms my heart! What a sweet idea to dedicate a post to your child’s teacher. I’m a middle school teacher and would just have goose bumps if one of my students’ parents wrote this about me!

    Thank you for supporting public schools. We get a bad rap sometimes, but there are lots of really great teachers out there!!

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