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Organizing the Car for Summer at Organize and Decorate Everything: A GREAT post on getting the car trunk ready for summer fun. I have some of this stuff in my car already, but just not all organized like this. I LOVE to be organized.


Making Time for Children at The Adventure of Motherhood: Anna discusses the three type of time we give our kids – All of Me, Part of Me, None of Me – and the importance of them experiencing ALL of these times on a regular basis. This is a GREAT reminder for me heading into summer when I have to work harder to balance being a Mommy and a Working At Home. It becomes so easy to give her Part of Me or None of Me, but I need to be purposeful to give her All of Me.

Countering Romantic Apathy at Betty Beguiles: You know those times where your marriage hits a dry spell – when the romance is not front and center? We all have them. This post has GREAT ways to combat the marriage blahs. Ideas on how to kick-start things back to the romance stage. Be sure to read the comments too. There are many great ideas there as well.


Using Pillow Cases to Dress the Poor at We Are That Family: Kristen has done some amazing DIY projects for others. As in, they are a project that you can do at home pretty easily, but instead of doing it for yourself, you do it for someone else. LOVE IT! The June/July project is making dresses for children in Africa from pillow cases. I can’t sew – like it’s seriously bad, but I can shop! So, the Princess and I are hitting the sewing store after church tomorrow to get some supplies to send the Kristen and her sewers. Very excited to be involved in this project..

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4 thoughts on “Live Love Serve: 05 29 10

  1. I know I said this last week, but totally love the “live, love, serve” breakdown … it’s perfect! So I’ve got to read the ‘all of me, part of me & none of me” … that does sound like a great reminder!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love the Making Time for children post. This is so relevant even with my older kids. Even teenagers need all their mom and dad sometimes.

    • I’m wondering if they don’t need all of us even more than the little guys. They need to know we’re paying attention and that we value them. I need to remember this daily.

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