30 Day Give – Day 2

30-Day Giving Challenge

My favorite part of today’s give actually came last night. I called the Princess (who was spending the night at her Grandma’s – no school today) and explained that her friend wanted her to go ice skating with her family this afternoon. We had originally called this friend to go to a bounce house with us this afternoon. Treating this friend to the bounce house was going to be our give. It’s what the Princess put on the giving calendar. When learning that we wouldn’t be taking said friend to the bounce house, the Princess’ first response was, “But mom, that was going to be our give. We need a give.” I LOVE THAT! I LOVE that she’s involved with this as much as I am. I LOVE that she recognizes that we are giving. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

What’s even cooler. She did our give for us, and with a happy heart.

That’s my Princess on the left with her cousin, E. They packed 100 bags of candy to go in the Operation Christmas Child boxes we’re packing at MY BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Apparently it was exhausting work….

I was so proud of them. Grandma said they had fun and worked together to get it done. Although apparently mine was bossy and took charge. Can’t imagine where that comes from. She was very proud to bring the bags home ready to be placed in the boxes.

So today’s give was brought to you by The House of Hills Princess. Oh, and I took a friend out to breakfast and gave her a listening ear. But, the Princess out gave me today. LOVE IT!

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