30 Day Give – Day 1

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today was the first day of The 30-Day Giving Challenge, and I woke up bright and early to make sure I got my give done. See, I wanted to surprise my co-workers with hot apple cider and warm muffins for our staff meeting at 9:30. This sounds easy enough, except that the recipe I chose needed to be in the crockpot for two to three hours. Um, that meant I needed to start it at by 6:30…in the morning. And, I didn’t think I could transport liquid safely in my car. So, I needed to get it going at 6:30 IN the office. Fortunately, my office is literally seven minutes from my house. So, I got up and hopped in the van and ran over to the office to start the cider. Don’t tell anybody, but I went in my PJs and sweatshirt. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to run into anyone at that hour. Then, I came home and made the muffins. By the time staff meeting started, we had a lovely spread!

Now, truly, this was an easy give for me. I had to start out with something easy, right? And baking is easy for me. Doesn’t take me much effort at all. In fact, when people fuss about how I make good food etc, I usually scoff and say “Oh, it’s no big deal.”

However, something I heard in yesterday’s sermon is really sticking with me today. God gives us each special gifts. Duh, kinda knew that preacher man. So, my ability to bake and feed the masses – that’s a gift. Well, ya I guess so. So, when I scoff and say “It’s no big deal,” I’m not honoring that gift. I’m not honoring the One who gave me the gift to make yummy muffins. Oh, wow, well, that brings a whole different light to it doesn’t. In fact, when I say “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m not that good a cook,” really I’m showing false humility. Really, I’m lying aren’t I. I can make some tasty treats, and I KNOW it. To deny it is actually being false. Now that just hits you right in the gut! Wow! And then WOW again. Yesterday’s sermon hit me on SO MANY levels. This is the piece that sticks with me the most. God has given me gifts, and He wants to use those gifts to glorify Him. When someone acknowledges a gift, say thank you and give credit where credit is due.

We decided as a small group tonight to continue investigating our spiritual gifts. I can’t wait to see what God shows us through this time. I wonder how else He can use me?


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  1. The cider was very, very good and the muffins were delicious. Kathy we really appreciate you sharing your gift with us. I can’t wait to enjoy your gift again on Wednesday night. You are the bomb girl!!!

  2. Yes, indeed, cooking is one of your special gifts. Listening and counseling are two others. You should ask others what they thing are your special gifts>

  3. Funny, I also love to bake and cook and never really considered it a gift but you are right. It is something I CAN do and ENJOY doing for others. It is nice to know that my gifts can make someone happy and it is easy. LOVE IT! AND…today I served your pumpkin dip to the faculty and they LOVED it!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your gift.

    • Isn’t that pumpkin dip SO GOOD! The first time I had it was when i was teaching. Someone had put it in the break room at school. I went in there ALL day long!

  4. Kathy…i’m so glad you said that about the sermon and the whole not honoring your gift…As i think back to the many meals you provided for our family during this time last year…God truly does use that gift to bring comfort, joy and healing….and i’m really glad He uses it through you:)

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