Losing It! 01 28 11

Happy Friday Losing It! Ladies!

How are you? I miss you all. Things have been so crazy, I haven’t been able to spend my normal amount of time with you. I hope all is going well in your lives.

I’m currently at the Blissdom conference meeting TONS of other bloggers, learning MUCH about fixing this here blog to make it better, and eating WAY TOO MUCH food. I can only say that I’m thankful I don’t drink, or the calorie issue would be really bad.

Since I am out of town, I was unable to weigh today. However, I can pretty much promise you I didn’t lose weight. I’m just praying I didn’t gain. It is SO HARD to stay on any kind of plan when you are traveling.

It’s also hard to get enough water. I’m REALLY struggling with that.

How are you doing this week? How do you handle traveling and not eating too much? How do you make sure you get enough water when you’re on the road?

Link up and let us know how you’re doing.

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