WE MADE IT!! We’re at Blissdom

The fabulous @oohamanda and I made it to Nashville LATE last night. We decided to come up early to beat the snow and we are SO GLAD we did!

We are now hanging out at Blissdom, and I am already OVERWHELMED by all that there is to know. Whew! Trying to make it better for you friends. Trying to make it better. We’ll see if I’m learning anything over the next few weeks!

6 thoughts on “WE MADE IT!! We’re at Blissdom

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  2. Hi Kathy, just thought I’d stop by and say hi. We ate lunch together on Wednesday during the Wisdom Workshops. I should have given you my business cards and gotten your information, but at least I remembered enough to find you on the web. Following along! — Kristi, http://www.childsensitive.blogspot.com

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