Top Ten Tuesday: Prepping the House for Blissdom

If you’ve been reading the blog at all lately, you’ll know I’m heading to Blissdom. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I’m excited to meet all these amazing women whom I only know online. (Yes that includes @onceamonthmom who seems to think I’m avoiding her in real life. LOL!) I’m excited to LEARN LEARN LEARN how to make the blog better and serve you, my readers, more. I’m excited to spend four hours in the car with @oohamanda and pick her bloggy brain.

I’m REALLY EXCITED to be going, but I’m a bit nervous too. I’m NERVOUS because I’m rooming with three strangers amazing women that I’ve never met in real life. I’m nervous because this is SO OUTSIDE my “box” that I have no real expectations or understanding of what’s going to happen. I’m nervous because I still haven’t lost that extra thirty pounds, and I’m going to try and look “cute” for the evening activities. I hardly ever “dress” people. I’m a jeans girl. I’m just a wee bit nervous about the whole thing.

However, the one thing I’m not nervous about is leaving my family for four days. Will I miss them? Yes. Will they miss me? Yes. Will things run EXACTLY as if I were there? No. Is that okay? Yes. Do I think they can do it on their own? ABSOLUTELY!

That being said, there are a few things I’m doing before I leave to make it a bit easier on My Sweetie and The Princess to run the house without me.

1. I’m recording my Hallmark book tonight that came in my Blissdom pre-conference fun box. Hallmark has books that you can record yourself reading. That means that I can read a story to the Princess even when I’m not there. Pretty cool, huh!

2. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge for dinner and the pantry is stocked. They won’t go hungry. Of course, they could go to the grocery store. They’re capable. I just didn’t want them to have to.

3. I’ve already prepped for the Princess’s lunches. There are stacks of baggies and little containers on the counter all ready to be put in her lunch box each morning.

4. I’ve typed out the morning routine. Neither of my loves are morning people. I’m the morning person that gets it all going. So, to have the routine all typed up and ready will help them both.

5. All the laundry is done. They won’t have to run a load. However, if My Sweetie did run a load, I would love him for it. He probably will. He’s awesome like that.

6. The Princess’s clothes are stacked on her dresser for each day with a reminder note for sneakers on PE days. Again, neither one is a morning person and this means no decisions have to be made.

7. I plan to hide a couple love notes for the hubby. He LOVES to find little notes when we’re apart. Shh…don’t tell him.

8. We planned on my Father-in-law and StepMother-in-law to come in for a weekend visit starting Friday. That will add some excitement to the week, and they typically take us out to dinner so that’s one less night the hubby has to cook dinner.

9. I’ll pull out the copy of medicine instructions that I’ve typed up for the Princess. It’s a list of “If she has a fever, give her this. If she has a cough, give her this.” Since I’m usually the one making those decisions, it’s easier for My Sweetie if it’s right there for him in the medicine basket.

10. I plan to pray over the house tomorrow before I leave (at 5:15 AM). This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing. My Heavenly Father can take much better care of them than I ever could.

Did I miss anything? What do you do to prepare your household for an absence?

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Prepping the House for Blissdom

  1. Can I add that Grandma is SO happy not to drive to Cumming and back twice a day while you are gone! I love your daughter, but that is hard on both of us! I think there will be LOTS of stories from the mornings and evenings; they will have so much fun.

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