Menu Plan Monday 02 07 11

We are gearing up for some crazy weeks ahead at the House of Hills. Looking forward, I’m not sure if it’s every going to slow down. However, I’m beginning to think that is the new normal here. **sigh**

Here is the plan for the week. The Princess looked at it and said, “We’re having leftovers two days!” Little does she know we usually have leftovers two days. She just doesn’t realize it. How often do you do leftovers? I’ve found that if I cook too many days during a week we end up wasting food.

Sunday: Tortellini with meat sauce, salad, crescent rolls

Monday: Pork Chops (I just pulled these from the freezer. They’re in my favorite marinade.), rice, asparagus

Tuesday: Roast in slow cooker, pasta ribbons, green beans

Wednesday: Stuffed shells (making extra for freezer), broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Well, I don’t know about Saturday. The Princess may be at my mom’s. If that’s the case, then My Sweetie and I will go out. Or, we sit at home and watch TV and eat cereal. Really, not sure….

What you are you having this week? Anything yummy that I need to know of?

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