My Absence Explained

I’ve been rather absent from the blog since Blissdom. Oh, I dropped in to give a recap, and I did my necessary Losing It Friday posts, but other than that, I’ve been rather absent.

You may think that I decided, like Alicia did, that blogging isn’t going to become a “job” for me. I’m not willing to put in the work it would take to make it lucrative. Well….maybe not right now, but I haven’t said “never” to making money from blogging. It’s just not where I’m at right now. It’s not where I’m meant to be.

No, God has a MUCH bigger plan for me right now. He needs me to bring my AWESOME somewhere else. (Have you read Ohamanda’s post about bringing your awesome? You must read it.) He needs me to bring my awesome to my BFF Katie and her family.

You see, my friend, Katie, is not going to be with us much longer. She is going to have the pleasure of being with her heavenly Father much sooner than she would have planned, but we know it will be exactly when He has planned. My friend, Katie, has cancer…. in her liver… and it’s not going away. We (and I say we because if you’ve been close to a cancer patient you know it is a group effort) have battled that stupid cancer in her liver for almost three years now. Her liver can’t take any more. It’s done. The doctors are out of options. Only my God can save her.

I pray daily for my God to save her. I pray big, and I pray long. However, I also pray for His will. I pray that “His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Since I pray that, I have to be ready to hear a “no.” I have to be ready to hear that healing her is not in His plan. I have to be prepared for what a “no” means. A “no” means the ULTIMATE PARTY for her, and deep sorrow for those she leaves behind. A sorrow not that we will never see her again, but a sorrow because her laughter and her smile will be missed while we are still shackled to our earthly bodies.

While my Katie is still with us, I am spending as much time as I can with her while still working my full time job (although they are being VERY understanding) and caring for my own family. I am her list maker, her get it done girl, and I therefore have the honor of helping her transition during this time. There is much to do to prepare your home and family to run without you. There are many things to be written down and many plans to be made. It is here, with Katie, that I am currently bringing my AWESOME (or at least am attempting to with God’s help). I sometimes wonder if we became friends over ten years ago just so that I could be in this place at this time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that was His plan all along.

So, if you miss me here, know that I am where I need to be, with my Katie and her family… attempting to bring her (and HIM) my awesome.

If you would like to read my Katie’s story, visit her Caring Bridge Page. And, if you have a moment, please say a prayer for my Katie and her family.

14 thoughts on “My Absence Explained

  1. Oh I am so sorry. Cancer sucks. I am so glad though that you are doing what is necessary to be with your friend in her final days. You will not look back on this time and think, I wish I blogged more. But I know you will cherish the memories of your time with your friend forever.

  2. Very moving Kathy. Extremely well said. You are indeed Awesome, and Katie is lucky to have you in her life. Just as you are lucky to have her in yours. My prayers are with Katie, her family, and you.

  3. Oh Kathy,

    I remember this all too well from my journey with the Pearson family. I am praying and will continue to do so every time the Spirit brings you and Katie to mind. I know you are cherishing your time with your own Mags even though she’s fever-y 🙂 Makes it all the more special, doesn’t it? Blessings.


  4. kathy, you have me in tears. i’m so encouraged by your trust and faith that our GOD is faithful and good even when things don’t look that way. i love you, my friend!
    praying (and i mean that).

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  6. Beautiful post, Kathy. You are such a wonderful friend to us all. You have many amazing gifts, and you are right where you need to be. I remember doing all this with a co-worker. Every little thing you do for Katie will never be forgotten or not worthwhile. I pray for continued strength and peace for all of you.

  7. Oh this made me so sad. I’m sorry for your loss. My SIL battled cancer for several years and this spring it settled in her liver. She died 2 weeks ago. Cancer is brutal but like you, am happy to know she is healthy and whole! 🙂

    Found your blog just recently and subbed. Looking forward to reading more.

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