I Miss My Family!

I miss hugs.

I miss kisses.

I miss cuddles.

I miss snuggles.

I miss my family!

No, I’m not out of town. We’re all in the same house. However, there has been a virus in the house. The Princess has it. It’s highly contagious.

In the House of Hills, highly contagious = Daddy stays FAR away from both Mommy and the Princess.

You see, I’m carrying the germs that the Princess has.

Because I can’t not hold my child when she doesn’t feel good.

Because somebody has to take care of her. To love on her.

That person in me… the Mommy.

So, the Princess and I have had the great room and her room. Daddy has had our bedroom. The poor man has been quarantined, and I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

You don’t realize how much physical touch is a part of a relationship until that relationship is denied it. We are ALL grumpy in our house right now. We are all missing kissing and cuddling with each other. The Princess said last night, “I HATE this, mom.” Ya, Mommy does too pumpkin.

The good news is that the fever appears to have broken. It hasn’t spread to me or my Sweetie. We think we’re at the end.

I plan to do a massive cleaning today.

Tonight – Family Cuddle Night!

What do you do when there is a virus in your house?

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