Mags the Film Producer

So, Maggie has become hooked on iMovie. Like seriously hooked. She’s made several little movies on her computer over the last few weeks.

Then, her Daddy put the iMovie app on her phone. This has opened a whole new world of fun here in the House of Hills. She has had the best time just being creative with it. She’s really into making “trailers” with the templates they already have on the app.

I HAD to share this one she made in the car today. Yes, she made it while we were driving home from camp. Yes, I had no idea what she was doing back there. Yes, it is awesome.


5 thoughts on “Mags the Film Producer

    • I know right?! The app just tells her what kind of shot to plug in and then it does the rest. And, yes, she is so big. Fifth grade this year. Where did the time go!?

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