WDW Moms Panel : I Applied!

Well, I did it. I applied for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel.

Many of you that know me well are saying, “Well, duh!” However, it’s not that easy. Well, the first step isn’t hard, but the thought of putting yourself out there for rejection – that part is NOT EASY. And, I applied back in 2009 and didn’t make it past the first round. (However, my friend Amanda did! Whoop!!)

Here’s the thing. I may not make it past the first round again. And, that’s okay. Because ever since this crazy guy

took me to Walt Disney World on my honeymoon it’s been a special place for our family.

And now that this crazy girl is in the mix,

our evenings and weekends can often revolve around our love of Disney.

And, we love to share it with our friends and family.

And, I love to share it with you.

Have you noticed the Disney tab at the top of the House of Hills page. I put that there so you could see all our Disney related posts to help you plan your vacation. And, I have lots more posts in my head. In fact, all I really need to do is go through my emails. I answer questions weekly about Disney, and my plan is to start being more intentional about sharing those answers with you.

If I make it to the next round of the Disney Moms Panel, I’ll be ecstatic. If I don’t, I’ll just share my knowledge here – with you.

If you’ve got a question about traveling to Walt Disney World or going on a Disney Cruise, I’d love to answer it for you. Let me know what you want to know!

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