Spring Recital Time!!

Spring has sprung here at the HOH, and we seem to be dashing off to this thing and that thing to celebrate the end of the year.

Last night was the spring recital with Maggie’s voice teacher who also teaches piano. Actually, she teaches more piano than voice, but is AWESOME at both. She’s got quite the number of kids that troop in and out of her house each week.


This was the first time we got to see Maggie play the piano at a recital. So exciting. She started before I could get the camera lined up, but here is her Lion King song on the piano.

Miss Ree always has themes for her spring recital, and this year’s was the 80’s. The parents had to pick an 80’s song for their child to perform. David of course chose a U2 song for Maggie. She forgot a couple words in there, but it was still a pleasure to listen to her sing, as it always is.

Love this kid…

Now, chorus concert tonight… Goodness…

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