I LOVE My Kid!

You know those days as a parent where you just love being with your kid.  You don’t have to fuss, finagle, or bribe.  You’re just able to enjoy them.  Today was one of those days.

I had an absolute blast with Maggie today.  She’s been amazing to be around for the last few days, but today was tears in the eyes fabulous.  I am just so blessed that God gave her to David and I to raise.  What an amazing gift.
She is funny, bright, loving, and just plain fun to be around.   I LOVE her.  
Just had to share the moment.  
Here she is exhausted after our day of travel yesterday and Chocolate World today.  Those are the two pillows I got her at Chocolate World – they’re the fun squishy kind.  One is a Hershey’s Kiss and the other is Bubble Yum.  She’s also got her “Beary” – doesn’t sleep without it.  
How cute is that kid!

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