Menu Plan Monday: December 28

So, you’ll notice the Christmas theme still on my meal plan header. That would be because we will be eating like it’s still Christmas ALL WEEK LONG!!!

This is what the leftover shelf looks like in my refrigerator. Yes, I have a leftovers shelf – don’t you? It’s where David knows to go get his lunch each day. And notice we’re two containers deep right now.

This picture doesn’t even include the large container of turkey that got sent out to the garage fridge because there was no room in the inn inside fridge.

So this is what we’re eating this week:



Sausage Stuffing

Bubble Bread – family favorite – we ate this three days in a row this weekend

Pork w/Horseradish sauce – A Paula Deen Recipe – SO yummy

Mashed Potatoes

And apparently waffle sticks (bottom left of pic)

I honestly won’t have to really cook at all this week. We’ll eat all this yummy up by Wed (I hope) and then my AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL hubby is taking me out of town for three days. Yes, away from everything – just the two of us. **sigh** I do so love that man. He’s planning the whole thing. I’m just along to be spoiled. Well, we’ll both be spoiled with no responsibilities and just hanging out together.

What’s on your meal plan for the week? Bet there is turkey or ham in it somewhere.

For more meal ideas go on over to and see what everyone else is making.

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