MMMMmmm Cupcakes

So, there are five delicious looking cupcakes sitting in our hotel room just waiting for me to try them. FIVE! And, I’m too full to eat any of them. Seriously – when does that happen? The thought of eating them hurts my belly. I’m dying here. I LOVE cake in any form, and cupcakes are the perfect balance of cake and frosting.


Let me allow you to agonize with me. I’ll tell you all about them. Then, we can both be sad we’re not eating them.

Three are from Ivy Cake. My sweetie had researched Franklin, TN (where we are on a couples getaway – I know and I’m blogging – but we’re both watching football on TV together – really it’ okay) and found this little cupcake place in the historic downtown area. They had about nine flavors available for us to choose from today. We LOVED the names. They are so fun. We chose:

“The Breakup” – Red Velvet w/cream cheese icing (This was David’s choice.)

“Charmed” – Pumpkin w/cream cheese icing (I love love love pumpkin – this is seasonal)

“Unknown Name” (It’s not on the website and I can’t remember) – Gingerbread w/eggnog icing (Again, seasonal)

Are you drooling yet? Hmmmm? Here’s a picture to make you really want one.

Oh, I really want a cupcake. Tummy please get hungry!

Well, then we were walking back to the car and passed another cupcake shop. One that my sweetie hadn’t found in his research (shocking to all I know). I looked at him questioningly, and he said “Go ahead.” Have I mentioned that he’s  a sweetie. He put the first three cupcakes in the car while I went into ANOTHER cupcake shop.

So, we went into Naticakes. This shop had more of a cafe feel and in looking at their Twitter feed even has entertainment sometimes. They also have a charity that they support associated with them, which we thought was really cool. We held back and only got two in this shop. They had around nine for us to choose from as well (we’re guessing here – didn’t take a pic).  We chose:

Opera Cake – white cupcake w/ganache center and coffee icing (David’s choice)

Devil’s Food –  chocolate all around (Obviously my choice)

Now I know you’re hungry. Here’s the picture.

So here they sit – all those cupcakes. And, I’m not hungry. Well, maybe I’m feeling a tingle of hungry. I hope I can eat one before we ring in the New Year!

As I was typing the above, one cupcake was seeing it’s last day. My sweetie ate one. The traitor. Him eating a cupcake while I can’t. He did give me a bite. The first to go was the Opera Cake from Naticakes. Why this one? Anyone who knows my sweetie want to guess. Yep, COFFEE icing. The man is addicted to coffee. I digress.

You want to know how the cupcake tasted. Here’s a hint – he at the whole thing. The WHOLE thing. He doesn’t eat sweets – like ever. He at the WHOLE thing – well, except for the bite I got. The cake was SO light and fluffy. and nothing was too sweet. Perfect balance! Here’s the inside.

The bite I had – it was divine. Hoping I can have more bites of others soon.

Oh – and why am I so full you ask. Let me tell you. We had a late lunch at Puckett’s Grocery. I had the Tennessee Philly sandwich. It was SO SO SO good. I enjoyed every second of it. And, I’m still full!!!

So, when I do get to eat a cupcake, which one do you think I should eat first?

Disclosure: Nobody GAVE me the cupcakes. Nobody asked me to review them. I’m just sharing the fun with you.

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