Works For Me Wednesday: The Gift Card Box

Life is often hectic here at the House of Hills. I always think it’s going to slow down and then nope, it doesn’t. I have therefore resorted to gift cards for kids’ birthday parties.

Yep, I said it. I’m THAT mom that brings just a card for the birthday princess  (or prince) to open. You are secretly clicking your tongue at me aren’t you? I know you are.

I’ve actually gotten SO LAZY about birthday party presents that I now keep a box/basket with generic “Happy Birthday” cards and assorted $10 gift cards in it. I do! It’s true! As we are preparing to go to the party, we pull out the box, choose a birthday card, and choose a gift card to go in it. No last minute trip to the store. No gift wrap to buy. No ribbons and tissue.

See, now you’re jealous. Now you’re thinking it might be a good idea.

Yep, the Gift Card Box works for me. In fact, I’m making one for my Katie’s widower. Then, he doesn’t have to think worry about kids’ birthday party presents either!  He thinks I’m brilliant by the way.

Do you do the Gift Card Box? Or, do you have the gift closet? How do you manage all the kids’ birthday parties you are asked to attend.

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3 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: The Gift Card Box

  1. I have a card basket too. But instead of filling it with a gift card, I spend $10 at World Vision and buy 2 chickens or soccer balls for a family in a Africa or Guatemala. The kids actually think it is really cool and the moms appreciate not having another new toy to deal with.

    I am visiting from WFMW and wrote about monthly menu plans today.

  2. I love the gift card idea. I already have a box with assorted greeting/sympathy cards, there just never seems to be any b’day cards in it. Time to stock up and add the gift cards! Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!

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